Feast of Love

By rlrooks8
Written September 30, 2007
Feast of Misery is more like it. The characters were shallow, you never really felt like you got to know them. The plot was also very thin. At one point my husband looked over at me and said "what is this movie even about". My question is....where are the "Forest Gump" movies of 2006-2007....it seems lke we have been "jipped" at the theater. I mean, my favorite movie, this year, was the new Halloween...this is really sad!
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Go see if want to.

By dc8857
Written September 30, 2007
For a small film - it's above average.
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Feast of Love is terrible

By mgoff
Written September 30, 2007
We walked out on this movie. It was rated R. However, much of the content is explicit, beyond an R rating, in our opinion. Reviews and promos relating this movie to Shakespeare's comedies are also misleading in the extreme. This is not a comedy. There is no plot, and the dialogue is awkward. A sad waste of some fine actors talents. Don't go.
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Not a romantic comedy

By eep118
Written September 29, 2007
A few sweet moments. More melancholic than I anticipated.
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what happened to story line about the painting?

By feast of lover
Written October 07, 2007
they didn't even touch on the painting that the title refers to. but the movie was stunningly beautiful. The story a little undeveloped. Kinnear is terrific.
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