Feast of Love Synopsis
Friends explore themes of love, pain and happiness through telling their own life stories.
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By Daydream
Saw the first showing of this movie. I didnt know what to expect. The trailer portrayed it as somewhat of a cheerful romantic comedy of sorts. This movie is comprised of a mixture of feelings and...

"Feast of Love"

By elainerach
"Feast of Love" is a weeper. Bring lots of tissue. As you recognize yourself in the characters on-screen, you will bawl silently. This movie is for anyone whom has ever loved and not been loved in...

Great cast in a slow, thoughtful movie

By RandytheMovieFan
Has some wonderful moments, and I really liked the message to throw yourself into love but keep both eyes open. This is essentially a chick flick so I guess the producers decided to throw in some...

Feast of Love

By grandparents123
This is definitely about love and relationships, but not your typical chick flick movie. Not light and fluffy or boring but very deeply intense and the acting was wonderful. A strong message about...

Love Barf

By Anton Ego
This was one of the greatest hoaxes in the history of cinema. I took my wife to see it after a long week of work, thinking it would cheer her up and be a fun way to start the weekend. Instead, we...

Many faces of love

By suemarie
I really enjoyed this movie. The last half hour was wonderful, sad, and emotionaly draining. There is a lot of nudity so it can't be recommended for everyone, which is unfortunate. There is a strong...

An excellent movie to rent

By aurorah
I rated this movie so-so based on the vastly misleading preview depicting it as a feel-good comedy type of film. The acting and the story are very well done but it's got ALOT of nudity/sex scenes...

Very good, but not for everbody

By sparquelito
This was an extremely touching film, and one that had both myself and the missus weeping at the end. Definitely not for everybody; nothing blows up, nobody turns into robot cars, and there were no...

Sexy and Sad

By HP_Fan_In_San Jose
If you are looking for the typical "Chick Flick" this is not it. At the start of the movie on up to about half-way through it you're wondering "does this movie have a point?", there's a lot of sex...

Spend your $15 buying the book.

By callabriel
Charles Baxter's novel is by turns moving, lusty, hard, scary, funny, and bittersweet. It's filled with wonderful language and an insightful and hopeful look at al the many facets of love. This...

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Rated R | For strong sexual content, nudity and language
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Common Sense Media says Uneven adult romantic drama doesn't stint on sex.
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