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By HamtasticK
Written February 21, 2017
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Fear and Loathing In Boise

By divalizz
Written September 19, 2008
Loved it, hated it, laughed,winced, retched - truly weird, wild, wacky, just what I would expect for a visual version of Hunter S Thompson. Brilliant performance by Johnny Depp (but oh, I missed his hair!) I hope the young people of today will see this as a parody and realize how truly horrendous the drug culture can be, but I'm afraid they just won't get it. Been there, done that - lived to tell the tale!
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Can Never Get Tired Of This Movie!

By TankOne559
Written July 11, 2009
Damn is this movie awesome! Easily one of my favorites of all time. Depp's performance is stellar, Benicio's is as well. Depp was so convincing, it looked like he really was on drugs this entire movie! The acting is perfect. Cinematography was great! Just about every scene where they were high off their asses and hallucinating was great. The circus looked insane! Hard story to follow but it's a good one! There are so many classic quotes in this movie, mostly by Depp but Benicio has some good lines too. As your attorney I advise you to watch this movie cuz it's a great, fun, drug-induced experience that you won't forget!
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By hello!
Written June 09, 2007
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my fear and loafing in las vegas review

By lord-o-movies
Written June 30, 2008
another classic movie performed by johnny depp benico del torror was great in it too with a hard to follow storyline but it dosent madder becaude of their great performances
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