Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Synopsis
A sportswriter (Johnny Depp) and his attorney (Benicio Del Toro) abuse drugs.
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By HamtasticK
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Fear and Loathing In Boise

By divalizz
Loved it, hated it, laughed,winced, retched - truly weird, wild, wacky, just what I would expect for a visual version of Hunter S Thompson. Brilliant performance by Johnny Depp (but oh, I missed his...

Can Never Get Tired Of This Movie!

By TankOne559
Damn is this movie awesome! Easily one of my favorites of all time. Depp's performance is stellar, Benicio's is as well. Depp was so convincing, it looked like he really was on drugs this entire...


By hello!

Fear and Loathing.

By jenm2
Great movie,Hilarious but with a deeper message toward the end. I'd recommend it but since it was only in theaters one day,I just recommend you go see flashback features during the week at a theater...

my fear and loafing in las vegas review

By lord-o-movies
another classic movie performed by johnny depp benico del torror was great in it too with a hard to follow storyline but it dosent madder becaude of their great performances...

fear and loathing in las vegas

By paigeycannon
Awesomely funny. and really wild !! laughed throughout the whole film. Love flashback Thursdays !!...

Fear and loathing

By Mr.Le-bow-ski
This movie was pretty good there some funny parts but it wasn't extremely funny. It was a good movie though. It is pretty complicated also. Johnney Depp and Benicio Del Torro were really good though....

By 636938271

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Rated R | For Strong Language, Pervasive Extreme Drug Use and Brief Nudity
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Loopy, foul-mouthed drug comedy isn't meant for kids.
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