Fawne Harriman

Worked With

Year Name Title
1980 Ed Harris The Aliens Are Coming
1980 Tom Mason The Aliens Are Coming
1980 Eric Braeden The Aliens Are Coming
1980 Jerry Orbach Underground Aces
1980 Melanie Griffith Underground Aces
1980 Ernie Hudson Underground Aces
1979 Tom Mason Alien Force
1978 Barbara Anderson Doctors' Private Lives
1978 Elinor Donahue Doctors' Private Lives
1978 John Gavin Doctors' Private Lives
1978 Ed Nelson Doctors' Private Lives
1978 Dabney Coleman More Than Friends
1978 Penny Marshall More Than Friends
1978 Rob Reiner More Than Friends
1978 Michael McKean More Than Friends
1978 Claudette Nevins More Than Friends
1978 Joe Pantoliano More Than Friends
1978 Kay Medford More Than Friends
1978 Howard Hesseman More Than Friends
1977 Bill Baldwin Flight to Holocaust
1977 Lloyd Nolan Flight to Holocaust
1977 Sid Caesar Flight to Holocaust
1977 Paul Williams Flight to Holocaust
1977 Rory Calhoun Flight to Holocaust
1971 Candice Bergen T.R. Baskin
1971 James Caan T.R. Baskin
1971 Peter Boyle T.R. Baskin
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