Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written October 29, 2009
Funny, funny, stuff- that's it.
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Fast Times

By rainbowsub
Written July 27, 2007
Gets better with age. Sean Penn IS the original surfer dude. There have been many "stoner" clones in movies since then, but none top his performance. The film truly captures the high school experience of the times. Though not as profound as something like Åmerican Graffiti, it goes for broke with the humor and hits enough times to make it worthwhile.
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A must see for an 80's person!

By medievalme
Written July 29, 2007
I forgot how much fun this movie was. Having graduated from highschool in 1984 in California, this movie and all the music really spoke to me even after all these years. The cars, the clothes, the music, the much fun to remember those days and on the big screen again too. Hey even a cameo by Lana Clarkson (before her uinfortunate "accident" at Phil Spectors home!!) Melissa
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By panther96
Written March 31, 2007
A good teen classic.
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By KDBolejack
Written January 01, 2012
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