By number1fan
Written December 02, 2006
The only bright spot in this movie was Greg Kinnear. It was stupid and didn't live up to it's preview, but we can't comment on the whole movie because we left early. Trite characters with tired speeches dominated the movie after Greg Kinnear's part ended. Better to read the book.
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Good But Should Have Been Better

By xoconostle
Written December 01, 2006
I applaud the choice to attempt something other than a conventional documentary, which is what one would have expected from book-to-cinema translation in this case. Unfortunately, the film is jarringly uneven in quality and the various story lines are of inequal value. I found the story of the Mexican immigrant couple to be by far the most affecting and compelling, and perhaps the most successful translation of information from the book to drama. However, Greg Kinnear's character is interesting and well-acted. The initially charming story of the young woman who questions the "fast food" way of life ends weakly. This film is worth seeing, however, whether you agree with the perspectives that the film offers or not, you'll undoubtedly feel that you've been preached to a bit awkwardly. Unfortunately, I'm left feeling that a compelling documentary would have been the better choice.
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Fast Food Nation

By Jim's _Movie_Reviews
Written December 01, 2006
A socially conscious look at the fast food industry by Richard Linklater, Starring Greg Kinnear, Wilmer Valderrama, Luiz Guzman, Bobby Canavale, and a bunch of cows. Linklater paces and shoots this film well, and the actors are great. Its a depressing ride, however, with Kinnear's character realizing there is fecal matter in the beef his fast food chain is selling, he goes to explore how the slaughterhouse processes its beef. Intercut this with the tales of immigrants who come and end up working in the slaughterhouse, as well as explanations of "what's really happening" from Kris Kristofferson and Bruce Willis, which leads to a fruitless and powerless Kinear, and many a despicable turn by Cannavale occurs along the way. Fans of linklater will remember "Suburbia" Citizens will recall "the Jungle" and people who think will be questioning their food choices for years to come.
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ana clauda talancon y catalina sandino moreno

By purojaguares
Written November 16, 2006

americans must go

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great movie indeed...

By andgbr
Written November 24, 2006

but we all must watch, not only americans, but non-americans, non-residents of USA, everybody should watch it, because Fast-Food is not only in USA.

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