By georgiev
Written April 24, 2011
Tell us if you liked or disliked the film and WHY Give your opinion on the acting, directing, writing, cinematography, etc. Suggest who might enjoy this film (kids, adults, age groups, etc.) Don't give away the ending Check your spelling
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Great action movie

By kigo
Written May 01, 2011
The fast and furious movies just get better and better. Finally a movie worth going to see i give it an A +
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Fast Five

By Zimmerman91
Written May 01, 2011
i saw this movie in the imax and 1 word explains it all AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been a fan sense the 1st 1 and i would have to say it is great to see the whole team well almost the whole team back but i loved it and say this to anyone who wants to see it go ull really have fun and feel like ur there and its not to bad for kids well sense kids these days just sneak and see it anyway its fun and really amazing
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Fast, loud, and macho

By everyweek60706
Written December 31, 2012
Seriously, ear protection, wish I'd had it. Endless loud cars and shooting. Also, these guys are all criminals. In one scene the hero breaks into an occupied residence and sexually assaults a woman, who happens to be a peace officer - and it's the most romantic episode in the whole movie. Nice to look at, though, and imaginative stunts. For guys, it's good clean fun. If you're not one of those try Drive (2011) instead.
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Must see in IMAX

By LOLAMovieLova
Written April 30, 2011
I recommend this movie, action through the whole movie. One of the best parts ever made. Go in IMAX to experience better quality and sound is awesome.
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