Faster Review

By Derrick Deane
Written November 19, 2010
Faster starts off promising, with the Rock sprinting out of jail after serving a ten-year sentence. But then it quickly nose-dives into a boring mess of a movie. Granted, this Kill Bill rip-off does have its high points, including a generally strong performance from the Rock, the cars are cool and Maggie Grace proves to be nice eye candy. But the subplots really bring this movie down. Billy Bob Thornton's druggie cop who's a few days from retirement feels like it's been done SO many times that there really isn't anything new brought to this character. Oliver Jackson-Cohen plays Killer, an obsessed assassin who's hired by a mysterious person (who we find out later in the contrived and really unbelievable ending) to hunt down the Rock. Normally following the conclusion of screenings, the audience will usually clap, even if it's a pity clap. When the words, "The End" appeared on the screen, everyone jumped up out of their seats and dashed for the exits. Terrible, terrible movie.
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GO..... if you are an action fan....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written November 30, 2010
....or even like redemption type movies. Not an oscar nominee,no wonderfully laudable talent...just alot of grittty,quick revenge,and some thinking moments. Comprehensive plot and a couple of secondary stories too. This is not a totally predictable film either. As always,with this genre,allow for some suspension of belief and enjoy your popcorn and a movie that keeps your attention. If you don't like this type-stay away. I laugh at the criticisms that point out exactly what this type of movie is supposed to be as some kind of disappointment. I will go one more time at matinee price.
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Potential never realized.

By Gearhart1776
Written December 14, 2010
My feelings about "Faster" are very mixed! The core mechanics of this film work well. The action is gritty and realistic, and everyone performs their characters well. It unfolds much like a mystery that keeps you engaged. However the subplots completely bog this actioner down! While Billy Bob is essential to the film, his whole subplot is lengthy and slows the action majorly, but really shows what drives him. The most unnecessary part of the whole movie however, was a subplot about a hired killer sent to take out Dwayne. It involves the killer and his girlfriend. It felt like they shoved a love story down our throats when none of it was necessary at all. They took forever to try and flesh-out this killer and make him human and it just hurt the pace and cause of the film overall. The director should have kept the killer's subplot to a minimum, if keeping it at all. So all-in-all a decent film worth a viewing, but the potential was wasted by the director.
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Faster with the Rock

By Koali
Written June 02, 2012
Not a typical Rock movie role. Not for kids who may be Rock fans. Vengeance movie; lots of breaking in & shoot to kill. But some really good driving. . But it isn't clear exactly who what when where or why til about 3/4 through. Suspenseful and mysterious that way. Everyone absolutely everyone is beginning to look suspect to Rock. I liked that because they were cast not for their Disney role images. Maggie Grace makes more casting sense here than as Liam Neesom's daughter in 'Taken'. Carla Gugino's acting is really smart here. She's no nonsense. Kind of like her role in 'Righteous Kill' just the professional side. Billy Bob entertains with his brand of 'aw shucks' seriousness. A very frightening position to see Rock in. Good music soundtrack and very good acting all around. I am a fan of Rock and see now what he was going for in the movie. You know you're going to see it - so just get it done and write a review without telling what happens before during or in the end!! I did.
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By ssloarinc
Written November 24, 2010
Its a good way to kill 1 1/2 hours if you have absolutely nothing else to do. Can you SMELL what the Rock is cooking?
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