It really wasn't as corny as I expected.

By Kyle_Adkins
Written April 29, 2009
I'm sure we all remember the original "Fast and the Furious", and how corny Vin Diesel's lines were.. "It doesn't matter if you win by a inch or a mile..", "I live my life a quarter mile at a time..", ect.. Well, Surprise, Vin doesn't do that in this movie. So, we eliminate the corny stuff, add a decent plot line (Albeit it's got a few holes, but screw it right? We're here to see cars go fast.), and some really good special effects. Ta-Da! The new fast and the furious is born. All in all, I was fairly entertained by this movie. Definitely a step up from the two terrible sequels they previously made. I'd recommend this movie for all racers/ricers/what have you, But probably not so for people who have little to no interest in cars. The story line won't keep you entertained long enough to merit the 9$ you spent on the ticket. All in all, 4/5. Check it out, you just might enjoy yourself a little.
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Action Packed-

By Deebie1975
Written April 03, 2009
Glad to see Vin Diesel in this one!!! This movie was action packed from the very beginning. If you like cars, racing, fights, and action...go see. I went to the midnight showing and was not disappointed-the only disappointment was pulling out of the theater and seeing the youngsters acting like they were all Vin, go to an early showing if you want to avoid stupidity....and don't try the stunts at home :)
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Why add a review to something with 1,200 reviews already?

By N_odie
Written April 04, 2009
Well, it was that good. This movie was a last minute thing. I ran to the theature for an 8 pm showing and was told the tickets where sold out. So I went inside to the fandango booth and bought my tickets. GF Sorry about the off topic intro. I sat front row, so the movie was an awful lot to absorb. Having an original cast and some from the other movies was fantastic. You really feel the emotions and get the feelings of the actors. They connected the story beautifully with the 2 main characters. I loved the girls and the action. Not to mention a fantastic story line. If you have kids? If suggestive dress isn't an issue the rush of the races and close driving will be a thrill. Overall, I rate this a MUST GO!!!! Nic
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Fast and Furious is GREAT!

By M-A-Z-E
Written April 09, 2009
If you've watched the franchise and have realized that the third installment was probably the worst movie in a long time, and that the first movie was the best, think again! Fast and Furious is BY FAR the BEST in the franchise. The story is well planned out and executed and the cast is just as good! GO watch it!
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By austin789
Written June 02, 2008
u must see this movie i loved the first 1 and the 2 won but not the 3 on i hope the 4 one is the best on thank u for making this movie i was wondering if there was going to be a 4th on OmG OMG
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