Fast & Furious 6

By syngenor
Written May 26, 2013
Like watching 2 musclebound animated bowling balls trying to act. This movie attracted every unwashed lowlife in my neighborhood. Leave your valuables at home! If you too want to produce a film of this caliber just take some Ex-Lax and wait. Soon a massive turd like this will appear, your rear end will be sore (like sitting through this film) and the room will stink! Michelle Rodriguez, you look and act like a nasty pit bull terrier! Probably smell like one too!
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if you are a fan, you must go

By packalope
Written May 28, 2013
I only gave it a "go" rating over all as there were some over the top events in the movie that boardered on cheesy, but good story and good action.
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fast, furious, but repetitive, boring silly plot

By nngg
Written May 25, 2013
how many times can you witness car racing and vin diesel and his cheesy bad acting and one liners. Enough at this point--when will thise franchise end? this movie, although yes had plenty of car chasing, action, violence, had a plot that was stupid, bad editing, made for a long drawn out boring unoriginal film for the most letty has amnesia and is with the bad guys, and they must save her...the plotline, editing, story just wasn't very good. the comic relief provided mostly by tyrese was "ok." im personally tired of the rock, vin diesel and other so-called 'bad a**es' get together to, do the same lame thing again and again be tough guys, who can do anything, and worse, even survive ANYTHING including not letting a plane take off (yeah right) or survive a plane crash. the stunts were too fake and far fetched. I found myself bored halfway throughout the movie knowing the predictable end anyway. almost everyone lives after surviving impossible feats- no really who knew?
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Not too fast.

By LastCubScout
Written May 24, 2013
Decently entertaining, but it's not very gripping a story. At this point, the plot feels much like free-form jazz, just meandering about randomly while stringing a bunch of action scenes together. As this series has morphed from a car racing series to a wacky crime caper series, it's gotten pretty violent. As such, it feels like its PG-13 rating is hindering much of the impact of the action and fight scenes. Overall, I wasn't too bored, and it's kinda cool to see what adventures all those characters are still up to. Vin Diesel's Toretto character keeps hammering home the fact that "it's all about family" to everyone, so I was disappointed yet again when Johnny Strong's Leon and Devon Aoki's Suki character still haven't popped up. Where are those "family" members?
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Action Packed!

By sbjsun
Written June 09, 2013
You would not be disappointed with this one... It leaves you on the edge from start to end... Maintaining the high level of intensity, humor, action, exhiliration... Great cast!
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