Fast & Furious 6 Synopsis
Hobbs offers Dom and his crew a full pardon if they help him nab a team of mercenary drivers.
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Fast and Furious part 6

I dont usually do this , rate any thing , especially movies , the cinema is my contraband , my therapist , it's where i go to escape everyday life , if life is going to deceive me via news and...

Old Recipe, Same Good Cake!

By MedRed
If you've stuck with this franchise for this long, you already know what you're getting: A plot as thin as hotel toilet paper, dialogue as cheesy as a stick of velveta, and acting as a 101 as a...

Excited for the future

By mooveeman92
Ok we all must admit that fast and the furious 1 was a solid movie and even 2 was awesome, but when tokyo drift came out the cast was completely swiped and fast and furious really wasn't going in a...


By margo7
took my boys (men and boys) and they went nuts. . Excellent if you are in to muscle and mayhem. I just wish you got a better look at the cars and their description. What was that Lettie driving?...

awesome movie !!!!!!!

By skynyrd60
the action was great and the story was very good! it will keep you guessing on every turn and must watch the end of movie cedits it is a big surprise !!!!!!! ...

Talk about HiGH SPEED with NO BRAKES!!!!! A Must2C Movie!!

By qrsteena
Sweaty palms,eye opener, adrenaline rush are jes a few of the symptoms Fast6 will infect u with. Admix of High volumes of Action and Great Humor! Tyrese was flippin hilarious!! The ROCK totally...


By JYW5803
Ok I never reviewed anything before but I had to with this movie. This is a well made movie through and through. You have action, plot twists, comedy, awesome fight scenes, hot looking cast, as well...

Furious 6 = AWESOMENESS!!!!

By elamar0885
Nuff said lol.. I had really high expectations about this movie and I was not disappointed. Action-packed and the story line is so intense and so clever the way they're connecting everything.. Can't...

If you like the series, you'll love the latest installment

By koshertacohouse
This is a ridiculous, over-the-top, filled-with-stilted-exposition, chock-full-of-plot-holes, stuffed-with-glorious-car-flips, generously-seasoned-with-gratuitous-explosions,...

Must GO!!!

By marigs80
It was by far the best Fast and Furious. Cannot wait until July of next year for 7. It was awesome seeing everyone back together (kind of sort of). The explosions and chaos is amazing, pssss dont...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense Sequences of Violence, Intense Sequences of Action, Language, Mayhem Throughout and Some Sexuality
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Common Sense Media says Sixth entry is pretty dumb, with lots of car crashes.
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