Farewell, My Queen Synopsis
Marie Antoinette develops a relationship with a reader at the end of the French Revolution.
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By rweingard
Undoubtedly everyone in the theater had read the same "rave" reviews - it was full and even those dreaded front row sweats were taken. This is one of the most boring, uneventful and unbelievable...

not enough queen

By tasteful1
If you like period pieces, love costumes, and are curious about behind the facades of the rich, you'll like this movie. It is not a Gosford Park. It is not an Elizabeth. But it is interesting. I...

Nice culture....

By screenqueen211
...but not what I was looking for....

See the Movie BUT Read the Book Too

By babyjcook
This was a beautiful film, but I can't help but think that the slander that followed Marie Antoinette from before she became queen to after her execution is still at work here. The book portrays a...

A disappointing French film focusing on the death of the Monarchy, Revolution and Marie Antoinette's sexual proclivities!

By Peneflix
It is rare, but at times one recognizes a well-made film, beautifully-acted, a tale resonating with verisimilitude but fails to entice, engross or fully entertain ; "Farewell, My Queen" falls into...

Farewell subtitles

By DavyFandango
Delicious cinematography, excellent actors, but don't blink if you don't understand French or you'll lose your place. Very different from Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette....

Yawn...(Yawn again)

By kickindajunk02
This movie is slow and boring. Then you think after sitting through the whole thing, that at the end you're going to finally get to see the climax, during the revolution but no. The only good thing...

Nap time!

By haerickson17
The only reason I did not fall asleep was because of the beautiful costumes, and sets....

Farewell, my Queen

By habiague
Gripping. They continued with their highly formal ceremony while the world around them was falling apart, and they continued until their heads rolled. They could have escaped, but chose to live in...

By AvitalShir
Extremely disappointing. Slow, uneventful. Plus, if you are going to have subtitles, make sure the font color is not the same ad the background screen. I so wanted to enjoy this movie, and couldn't...

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Rated R | For Brief Graphic Nudity and Language
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Common Sense Media says Gripping, mature account of Marie Antoinette.
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