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By hanasama64
Written January 21, 2017
Harry Otter's universe expands. What a treat; everything we've come to expect from HP, yet filled with new depth, historical "veritas" and a story for adults. Even the cutest creatures and well-placed giggle-waters won't make this appropriate for any but the most advanced HP fans. Consider leaving the tots at home for this apparition.
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By Niclisten
Written January 21, 2017
I'm sorry, sitting here halfway through the movie in Virginia Beach and I just don't get it. Longest intro, story is all over the place. Nothing is explained - if this is from Rowling im very disappointed. 50 minutes left and I can leave.
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By erinm1380
Written January 04, 2017
absolutely loved his movie!! highly recommend for any fan of the harry potter series or not! amazing !
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By dnlwht
Written January 02, 2017
Our kids really enjoyed this and I think it's a good start to this new chapter of stories. A few slow parts throughout but it was visually fun and the "beasts" were entertaining. Overall a lot of fun and looking forward to where this leads.
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Good start

By amcmanus1793
Written January 02, 2017
Good start to a movie series hopefully more to come. If they left it here it would be a sad sad day.
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