FANTASTIC MR. FOX. Grade: A (Based on advance VIP press preview - Tues. 11/24)

Written November 25, 2009
Based on Roald Dahl's similarly titled book, this 87 min movie is both director Wed Anderson(The Royal Tenenbaums) and 20th Century Fox studio's first stop-motion animated feature. REAL fur, miniature trees, and sand were used in the making of this movie. Our protagonist - the disarmingly charming intelligent rascal, Mr. Fox - is a master of mischief and mayhem. He was excellently voiced by George Clooney. The rest of the SUPERB voice-cast comprise of Meryl Streep(Mrs. Fox), Michael Gambon(farmer Bean), Jason Schwartzman(Ash), Willem Dafoe(Rat), Bill Murray(Badger), Eric Chase Anderson(Kristofferson), etc. I was utterly enraptured and delightfully entertained by the complex and somewhat giddy plot and lovably engaging characters, masterful execution, witty jokes, and by the overall visual appeal of this satisfying high-quality production. VERDICT: A MUST-SEE!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Charming Mister Fox

By davidgoldsteen
Written November 17, 2009
We (my 10, 7, and 4 year old kids) took my wife to see Fantastic Mr. Fox for her birthday. We all really enjoyed it. It's funny, without the typical slapstick humor and wisecracking animals that have become a permanent part of so many childrens' movies. Nicely done, intelligent plot, witty dialogue, good voices. I'd even see it without the kids.
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By fishymom
Written December 05, 2009
My mom and I took my two kids ages 7 and 11 to see this movie. It's probably one of the worst we've seen in a long time. I just don't understand all the positive reviews. My mom fell asleep about 20 minutes in and my daughter leaned over and said, "This is really strange." The animation was distracting. In between the dialogue, there are long pauses where we watch the fox's eyebrows or whiskers twich. The dialogue itself was terrible for kids. Every other sentence, one of the characters says, "What the cuss." Might as well just go ahead and curse if you're going to say that. The storyline was what you'd expect from Dahl, quirky and slighly strange, but I don't think it adapted well to a movie. It could've been condensed into about 20 minutes and been more tolerable. I wish we hadn't spent the money seeing this one. Not even worth renting.
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Enjoyable, but not for children

By Kimberly138
Written December 02, 2009
First, though this is loosley based on a children's book, it is probably not appropriate for children under twelve. This is not due to the violence or frequent usage of the word "cuss" (which, last I checked, is not actually a bad word for those who complained about it), but this movie will simply bore small children. The dialouge is fast and witty, and the ability to enjoy it is based on the viewer's level of "nerdiness." Adults and older children who consider themselves dorks will love this movie. If you are looking for mindless nonsense similar to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to take your young kids to, this is not the film for you. Some reviewers compared this to Where the Wild Things Are; I very strongly disagree. I hated Wild Things and found it painfully slow and boring. This film is superior in visual effects, actually has a storyline, and is often funny if you're smart enough to understand the humor. Unfortunately, many Americans aren't.
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The Fantastic Mr. Anderson

By roxywilde
Written November 09, 2009
Terms like "auteur" were coined for directors like Wes Anderson, who's writing style and directorial aesthetic carry over through all of his projects. And "The Fantastic Mr. Fox," while not only an adaptation but an animated family film at that, is no exception. The stop-motion animation was remarkable, the cinematography characteristically stunning, and the whole piece was so classically Wes Anderson without losing the magic of Roald Dahl. The voice actors were refreshingly natural and the music was characteristically great, but the best part to me was how genuinely funny it was. You always expect family films to be good for a chuckle but not a whole lot more than that, but this film had the audience literally howling with laughter; this was accompanied by a number of touching moments and a storyline that held my interest from the get-go. I was grinning ear to ear the entire time, and would have been more disappointed when it was all over had I not been left so completely satisfied.
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