Fanny Brice
Date of Birth
Oct 29, 1891
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2004 Stephen Sondheim Broadway: The American Musical, Episode 1 - Give My Regards to Broadway (1893-1927)
1991 Marie Dressler Wisecracks
1991 Louise Fazenda Wisecracks
1991 Carol Channing Wisecracks
1991 Phyllis Diller Wisecracks
1991 Whoopi Goldberg Wisecracks
1991 Hattie McDaniel Wisecracks
1991 Joan Davis Wisecracks
1991 Ellen DeGeneres Wisecracks
1991 George Burns Wisecracks
1991 Martha Raye Wisecracks
1991 Ronald Reagan Wisecracks
1991 Mae West Wisecracks
1991 Betty Hutton Wisecracks
1991 Lucille Ball Wisecracks
1991 Carol Burnett Wisecracks
1991 Gracie Allen Wisecracks
1991 Eve Arden Wisecracks
1951 Red Skelton Popsicle Parade / The Red Skelton Show
1946 Edward Arnold Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Judy Garland Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Lena Horne Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Audrey Totter Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Esther Williams Ziegfeld Follies
1946 William Frawley Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Lucille Ball Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Karin [Katharine] Booth Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Hume Cronyn Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Jimmy Durante Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Cyd Charisse Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Van Johnson Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Kathryn Grayson Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Virginia O'Brien Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Red Skelton Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Grady Sutton Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Peter Lawford Ziegfeld Follies
1946 William Powell Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Ray Teal Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Fred Astaire Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Victor Moore Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Gene Kelly Ziegfeld Follies
1938 Monty Woolley Everybody Sing
1938 Allan Jones Everybody Sing
1938 Reginald Owen Everybody Sing
1938 Judy Garland Everybody Sing
1938 Lynne Carver Everybody Sing
1938 Billie Burke Everybody Sing
1938 Reginald Gardiner Everybody Sing
1936 Luise Rainer The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Leon Errol The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Eric Wilton The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Raymond Walburn The Great Ziegfeld
1936 William Demarest The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Herman Bing The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Ray Bolger The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Billie Burke The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Virginia Bruce The Great Ziegfeld
1936 William Powell The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Phil Tead The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Reginald Owen The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Nat Pendleton The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Grace Hayle The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Myrna Loy The Great Ziegfeld
1936 John Larkin The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Dennis Morgan The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Frank Morgan The Great Ziegfeld
1934 Stanley Ridges Crime Without Passion
1934 Charles MacArthur Crime Without Passion
1934 Marjorie Main Crime Without Passion
1934 Ben Hecht Crime Without Passion
1934 Helen Hayes Crime Without Passion
1934 Esther Dale Crime Without Passion
1934 Claude Rains Crime Without Passion
1934 Greta Granstedt Crime Without Passion
1930 Robert Armstrong Be Yourself
1930 John Barrymore The Man from Blankley's
1930 Loretta Young The Man from Blankley's
1928 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams My Man
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