Fanboys Synopsis
Star Wars fans take their dying friend to Skywalker Ranch to see The Phantom Menace.
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FANBOYS is a very funny film with heart, tongue and cheek

By gosub
I love whacky comedies and this one fit right into my comedy must see portfolio. I was lucky enough to see it at Comic-Con to a standing room only crowd. If you're a Star Wars fan you must not miss...

Terrific Road-trip Movie for Star Wars Fans

By islandman2929
Forget the critics and their whimpy, over-analytical reviews. They seem to get paid to act unimpressed. This is a terrifically funny movie. The superb script is filled with great lines that recall...


By Rogue_Leader
I have been waiting for this movie for a few years now and it did not fall short of my expectations. Great movie! If you like SW as much as I do, then it is a must see!...


By whittyb
I loved this movie. It took a long time and went through some rough times to get to the screen. Any fan of Star Wars Casual or hardcore will love this. I'm glad I made the trip to the big city to...

Star Wars Fans will love it

By kremper
Lots of Star Wars references combined with childish comedy with a great cast. Lots of cameos. Tends to drag in some parts but all in all, the movie will get you laughing. Lots of Star Trek bashing!...

Fanboys: The Epic Tale of Generation X

By bibbikinz
This movie was the perfect summary of the lives of my social circle 10 years ago. I want my post Episode 1 innocence back! Damn you, Lucas!...

a MUST for SW Fans

By pixiepants
Hilarious... for fans of the movies. If you love 'em, you'll likely love this movie. (We certainly did.) But if you're not a big fan, or just looking for a comedy, this may not necessarily be the...


By crazynutcasenuthead
Clever script, excellent acting, sweet plot, and every inside joke ever made. And R2. What more could you as for....

A Great Coming of Age for the Geek in Us All!

By JediJosh76
A love letter to Star Wars, this movie is also a classic road trip flick. Well played by up and comers Sam Huntington (Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns), Chris Marquette, Dan Fogler, Jay Baruchel (of...


By jumpngeorge
Since I am totally a Star Wars nerd, I had to see this film. This is a film about friendship...friendships formed around the love of Star Wars. Parts of it were bust-a-gut funny! Lost a testicle...

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Rated PG-13 | For for pervasive crude and sexual material, language and drug content
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Common Sense Media says The Force isn't with crude story of fandom and friendship.
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