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Heathcliff Gets CGI-Live Action Feature Film Treatment

By: Derrick Deane on October 17, 2012 at 6:02PM Comments (2)

If Garfield can spawn two feature length films, then why not Heathcliff? That's what Waterman Entertainment is thinking as the production company plans a Heathcliff movie starring the iconic comic strip character.

Cooper Waterman, the company's Head of Development made the deal directly with rights holder, Peter Gallagher (the cartoonist, not the dapper actor currently starring on Covert Affairs).

"Their track record is impreccable. Casper, Stuart Little and Alvin are examples of incorporating elements that past audiences loved and adding a contemporary flair that makes these properties endure with a while new generation. That is exactly what I was looking to achieve with Heathcliff. We want out existing fans to identify with the characters they know while introducing him to an entirely new audience. As a creator, I know that they will be attentive to our lasting vision for the brand and welcome our input, with is very important to me," Gallagher said.

The feature film plans come on the heels of the company making similar movie deals with rights holders of iconic brands including The Brave Little Toaster and Mr. Ed.

Heathcliff will be reimagined as a CGI/live action film with contemporary storylines, while preserving the original essence of the comic strip.

Additionally, Waterman Entertainment retains the global licensing and merchandising rights to Heathcliff, which they will leverage through the production of thirteen original TV episodes.

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  • Oct 18th 2012 12:34AM

    GHOSTFACE12  said...

    You would think that Hollywould would have learnt from Garfield.


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  • Oct 17th 2012 7:01PM

    mattfan12059  said...

    What the heck is Heathcliff? Some type of Garfield rip-off.


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