fantastic film

By peggyslow
Written November 30, 2008
This is not to be missed. The best dysfunctional family film i have ever seen. Warm and funny without jokes or slapstick. Very real, you will recognize these people and love them, warts and all. Not a single boring minute. GO SEE THIS
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Not for everyone I suspect, but what a wonderful film!

By quami
Written December 24, 2008
this film was wonderful. it started off a bit slow, but before long i realized I cared about everyone, understood who they were, and wanted to travel along on their journey. i went to this film with a date of my own age, and we found that it made us both feel thoughtful. it gave us a lot to talk about over dinner after the film, and we both asked ourselves why there aren't more of these types of movies. maybe we answered our own question when we noted that the theatre wasn't crowded. where are all of the thoughtful people who would just love this movie? this is a film about family relationships that allows you in - to share the laughs, the sorrows, and the frustrations that probably exist in every family. i sure saw my family here. but it was better than that, it was a refreshingly original film in an genre that is well furrowed. everyone should see it. bravo!
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Enjoyable Movie

By rob-likes-movies
Written November 17, 2008
This is a nice story, well acted and good theme. This movie should be go to the bigger cinemas, not just the art theaters. I have recommended this movie to a number of friends. The story is more about aging parents wanting their children to not move away (and grow up) and how their grown children cope with it.
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Familiar, and Worth It!

By indiefilm07
Written December 19, 2008
As comfortable as an easy chair, and the kind of movie that you yearn to return to just like one does with ones favorite padded nest. It is a movie about relationships that makes you realize the importance and value that a relationship can have. It tells its story at a leisurly pace, allowing you to bask in its details, while allowing you to laugh, cry and let your emotions wander. There needs to be more movies like this. One leaves the theatre better for having seen it. It is entertaining and thoughtful, worthy of the investment of money yes, but much more important time. For the hour and a half invested, your mind will wander the corridors of this movie for days to come. You will find yourself smiling for days and years. Acting Superb. Cinematography Superb. Story, Disciplined and Worthy - not a moment Wasted Well done!
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Familiar Strangers

By patngordo
Written November 19, 2008
I really loved this movie. It was both funny and dramatic, with a good plot twist. The acting was solid, and it was beautifully photographed in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, a place I particularly love. As a parent with grown children, and children-in-law, I found the whole situation easy to relaste to.
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