FAME - lame but uplifting! Grade: B-minus (Based on advance VIP press preview projected onto a silver screen at a movie theater)

Written September 24, 2009
Wed. Sept. 23. FAME is a 107-min re-imagined re-make of the 1980 original FAME movie. I've watched the original many years ago - and in comparison, I like the original better. The 1980 original FAME had more 'grit' and conflicts compared to this latest play-it-safe 'sweet' uplifting incarnation. I enjoyed ALL the music, singing, dancing, drama, etc. but I just wish the plot had more going for it - and that the director, Kevin Tancharoen, would focus more on developing the 'flat' characters. Nevertheless, it was a treat to see FAME showcase diversity - a stable of talented young performance artists. We were also treated to the talented Megan Mullally singing! Debbie Allen is back - this time as the principal. Bebe Neuwirth was a treat to watch portraying a no-nonsense brutally-honest dance instructor. VERDICT: Highly recommended for fans of musicals. Good kids/family-friendly movie. Worth checking out.
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PG?? Seriously????

By mom2mygirls
Written September 26, 2009
My 11 year old daughter had her heart set on taking 5 of her friends to go see this movie for her birthday. I did have my reservations, but it was PG....so against my better judgement, I agreed. Next time, I will follow my gut! This movie has no business being rated PG. How in the world did that get passed? If you are looking to take your kids to a "family friendly" movie, I suggest you pass on this one. If you are in doubt, be aware that there are several swear words, (a--hole,b--ch,GOD----, sh-t, and a few others) as well as several sexually charged story lines. One of them is way too graphic for little ones, and involves a boy looking to "hook-up" and attempting to force a girl to kiss him. Additionally, there are instances of both attempted suicide, and underage drinking. That issue aside, I felt that were too may characters and too little story development. This movie would be appropriate for older teens, but NOT the "tween" age group.
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Powerful - must see!

By lvviewer
Written September 26, 2009
I loved it. Follows a class at a performing arts high school in NYC from tryouts through freshman year through senior year. What talent! The music and performances are butt kicking... Must see it!
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By c4given
Written September 26, 2009
Great movie...if you like dancing, you will love this. Don't listen to the hairbrained idiots that leave negative reviews....this IS NOT A SMALL children's movie, but it is artistic and wonderfully entertaining. So IF YOU'RE A PARENT, BE RESPONSIBLE AND WATCH IT YOURSELF FIRST...don't send your under 12-yr olds alone!!
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so so

By seetherlove
Written May 31, 2009
The Beginning part of this movie was way too boring! but it definetaly got better at the end :) Wasnt that good thought. I wouldnt pay to see this movie.
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