Faizon Love

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Eric Roberts White T
2012 Scott Glenn The Paperboy
2012 Nicole Kidman The Paperboy
2012 Matthew McConaughey The Paperboy
2012 John Cusack The Paperboy
2011 Martin Lawrence Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son
2011 Adam Sandler Zookeeper
2011 Sylvester Stallone Zookeeper
2011 Judd Apatow Zookeeper
2011 Don Rickles Zookeeper
2011 Cher Zookeeper
2011 Jon Favreau Zookeeper
2011 Nick Nolte Zookeeper
2009 Jean Reno Couples Retreat
2009 Temuera Morrison Couples Retreat
2009 Jon Favreau Couples Retreat
2009 Vince Vaughn Couples Retreat
2009 John Michael Higgins Couples Retreat
2009 Kristin Davis Couples Retreat
2008 Robert Townsend Of Boys and Men
2008 Angela Bassett Of Boys and Men
2007 Michael Rapaport A Day in the Life
2007 Omar Epps A Day in the Life
2007 Clarence Williams III A Day in the Life
2007 Queen Latifah The Perfect Holiday
2007 Terrence Howard The Perfect Holiday
2007 Jeffrey Jones Who's Your Caddy?
2007 Garrett Morris Who's Your Caddy?
2006 Ving Rhames Idlewild
2006 Terrence Howard Idlewild
2006 Cicely Tyson Idlewild
2006 Ben Vereen Idlewild
2006 Lindsay Lohan Just My Luck
2006 Tovah Feldshuh Just My Luck
2004 Ving Rhames Animal
2004 Chazz Palminteri Animal
2004 Terrence Howard Animal
2004 Jim Brown Animal
2004 Keith David The Big House [TV Series]
2004 Ice Cube Torque
2003 Jon Favreau Elf
2003 Bob Newhart Elf
2003 Mary Steenburgen Elf
2003 James Caan Elf
2003 Ed Asner Elf
2003 Michael Lerner Elf
2003 Will Ferrell Elf
2003 Kate Bosworth Wonderland
2003 Josh Lucas Wonderland
2003 Janeane Garofalo Wonderland
2003 Carrie Fisher Wonderland
2003 Michael Pitt Wonderland
2003 Eric Bogosian Wonderland
2003 Ted Levine Wonderland
2003 Lisa Kudrow Wonderland
2003 Natasha Gregson Wagner Wonderland
2003 Tim Blake Nelson Wonderland
2003 Christina Applegate Wonderland
2003 Val Kilmer Wonderland
2003 Dylan McDermott Wonderland
2002 Kate Bosworth Blue Crush
2001 Peter Falk Made
2001 Famke Janssen Made
2001 Vince Vaughn Made
2001 Jon Favreau Made
2000 Gerald O'Loughlin 3 Strikes
2000 Vincent Schiavelli 3 Strikes
2000 David Alan Grier 3 Strikes
2000 Jack Warden The Replacements
2000 Keanu Reeves The Replacements
2000 Jon Favreau The Replacements
2000 Gene Hackman The Replacements
2000 Art La Fleur The Replacements
2000 Keith David The Replacements
1998 Terrence Howard The Players Club
1998 Ice Cube The Players Club
1998 Jamie Foxx The Players Club
1998 Bernie Mac The Players Club
1998 John Amos The Players Club
1997 Martin Landau B.A.P.S.
1997 Ian Richardson B.A.P.S.
1997 Halle Berry B.A.P.S.
1997 Bernie Mac B.A.P.S.
1996 Regina King A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
1996 Roger E. Mosley A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
1996 Lynn Whitfield A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
1996 Martin Lawrence A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
1995 Ice Cube Friday
1995 Chris Tucker Friday
1995 Regina King Friday
1995 Nia Long Friday
1995 Bernie Mac Friday
1993 Samuel L. Jackson The Meteor Man
1993 Don Cheadle The Meteor Man
1993 Wallace Shawn The Meteor Man
1993 James Earl Jones The Meteor Man
1993 Robert Townsend The Meteor Man
1993 Bill Cosby The Meteor Man
1993 Robert Guillaume The Meteor Man
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