Faith Of Our Fathers Synopsis
Two men meet for the first time before traveling to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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Faith of Our Fathers

By QMan857
Very touching movie....


By cindy966
I thought this was a very good story line.It is for all age groups. The acting was wonderful and the director did a great jo....

Very good movie and message

By cweisel
The message is great. The sacrifices and courage of our young men who served in Vietnam, and the great price their families paid deserves our honor and appreciation. The story and humor are geared to...

Paul & Norma

By leecoffel
We liked the movie very much. The acting was very good. Any age group could view this movie. Keep these kind of movies coming. Thank you to the people that are putting out good Christian movies....

Faith of Our Fathers

By rhonda20
This was an excellent, motivational, inspirational movie. I want to see all movies like this one. I will recommend this movie to everyone I know. I thank God I was able to see it....

Fantastic Movie - Just what our country needs today - Take a veteran

By kmiller961
This movie will make you laugh and cry while keeping you wondering what could possibly happen next. If you enjoy wholesome family entertainment with a great storyline, don't miss this movie. Be sure...

Go & take people with you.

By sheri007smith
Love watching the gospel presented in different ways. This is a touching movie. You can't leave unchanged. I think it makes us all come face to face with where we will spend eternity!...

Why what it then?

By lucy317
If you think it's "bible thumping crap" why did u bother watching it?Let those who get the message and enjoy just enjoy it:):)...

Great Movie

By Cards4him
Must see for all who love America, those who serve in the military, family, faith and God....

Faith of Our Fathers

By nursenerissa
It was great. My husband and I went to see the movie Friday night. The Bible is central to the plot of the story. In the beginning the antagonism between the two 'sons' , was an unknown. Then as we...

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Rated PG-13 | For Brief War Violence
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Common Sense Media says War drama has combat scenes, heavy-handed message.
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