• Released
  • November 5, 2010
  • (Limited 11/5, Expands 11/12, Additonal Expansion 11/19)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 48 min
  • Drama
Fair Game Synopsis
Valerie Plame and her husband face the fallout when her cover is blown as a covert CIA agent.
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Movie Reviews

Fair Game

By crs516872
Everyone in America with a brain, heart, or both should see "Fair Game." All three members of my family (wife, adult son, 23) walked out with a feeling of total disgust and outrage at how key figures...

Great Movie

By ponyexpress
I happened to stumble on this movie and decided to see it. It's a great movie and I would say very interesting since it's based on a true story. Go see it....

Five Word Review

By lawrence of arabia
intriguing superb acting revealing thumbsup...

Go See It

By jbergado
Likes: - Based on a true story - Excellent acting (some of my favorite actors) - Well written plot - Good for people who like Drama movies Dislikes: - Would have liked to see more action /...

Five Word Review

By murfftt
Exciting Highly polished Great acting...

Fair Game

By dvclifford
Terrific performances, but too liberally slanted for a conservative republican like me. No explanation as to why a dove like Novak would put Wilson on the spot like he did. Sean Penn could play any...

every American should see this movie

By lilaclily
A must move for each american citizen This happened and not too long ago....

Penn is Awesome!

By ocodan
Great movie... and best of all it is based on a true story! The Bush Administration had so much deceitfulness, intrigue and corruption you could probably make several of these types of movies as...

Fair Game is a must for anyone living in America

By MADJakk
The movie itself isn't flashy and kinda dry overall, but it's substance is very interesting and informative. It made me even more disgusted with our former president and his admin. America should...

Fair Game

By jjhspark3
This film should be required viewing by every American. It clearly shows how the Bush Administration ruined peoples' lives without any truth to what was said. Americans should understand better...

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Rated PG-13 | For Language
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Common Sense Media says Tense Valerie Plame story mixes drama, politics.
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