Big Mike explores the culture of fear, terrorism, violence in America, and the horrendous decisions President Dumbo made while in office.

By Dominic LeRose
Written August 12, 2016
Even the ridiculous Republican Party is smart enough to identify the numerous mistakes George W. Bush made while President of the United Sates. Starting a worthless war that costed trillions of dollars, killed millions of civilians, and killed a bunch of our young men and women fighting for our country is one of them. One of the greatest and most controversial documentaries of all time comes from no other than Michael Moore, the "in your face" filmmaker who tackles down issues that hurt our society. On Fox News' hit list and on liberals dream list, Moore has a chemistry to his filmmaking that no one else possesses. Michael Moore explores everything wrong with the Bush administration, specifically how he handled 9/11 and created an evil war. Moore tackles Bush's economic policies, his horrendous policies that affected the poor, and just about everything including how he east his cereal. Moore isn't playing hissy fit though. he takes an idea and opens it up to see how much damage the Republican Party did t this country and to Iraq. With a stylish and sarcastic feel to it, "Fahrenheit 9/11" handles how we as people deal with violence and how we respond to various situations and reminds us that non-fiction is what we need in a time where many people to be reminded and woken up.
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