Fading Gigolo Synopsis
Fioravante decides to become a professional Don Juan as a way of making money to help his cash-strapped friend.
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Utterly sweet

By Catch The Phoenix
Though it's far from perfect, Fading Gigolo is a rewarding and sweetly affecting dramedy that reminds us just how idiotic Johnny Depp was for leaving Vanessa Paradis. In short, she absolutely steals...


By jeremybernard
It could have been funny....it could have been touching. Such a great cast. But just awful!...

Fading Gigolo

By mstrohbach
"Fading Gigolo" is a very funny, profound and thought provoking movie. The casting and acting is superb and so is the script, filming and directing. Like in the Woody Allen movies, Manhattan is one...

Beautiful & funny - poignant?

By kbmd99
Loved this movie & was surprised it had not gotten better reviews. I found it touching and it carries a nice message about what it means to be human & how complex we all are. Go see it....

At their best!

By ShemsiPrinz
What a delight to go to the movies and not have to be concerned about violence and car chases. The tango scene is to die for. This is also Woody Allen at his best....

Fading Gigolo

By cbernardo
A little funny and interesting movie....

Fading Gigolo

By timothyregler
Wonderful. Sweet. Charming. Turturo is very sexy. Allen is endearing....

By kathymattkrier
Mediocre. Too much Woody Allen, who is not a pleasing character....

This is a funny flick

By Mark the Printer
From a dirty old mans perspective this is a this story is the fulfillment of a an aging mans fantasy and very enjoyable movie....

Fading gigolo

By johnson894
This was a disappointment....

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Rated R | For for some sexual content, language and brief nudity