Fading Gigolo Synopsis
Fioravante decides to become a professional Don Juan as a way of making money to help his cash-strapped friend.
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Utterly sweet

By Catch The Phoenix
Though it's far from perfect, Fading Gigolo is a rewarding and sweetly affecting dramedy that reminds us just how idiotic Johnny Depp was for leaving Vanessa Paradis. In short, she absolutely steals...


By jeremybernard
It could have been funny....it could have been touching. Such a great cast. But just awful!...

By ramonmvilla

sweet & simply wonderful

By green4551
With a weirdly bizarre plot that could have easily been a dud if it had been written and acted by any other that Turturro, Allen, Paradis, Vergara and Stone, this film is a joy. Allen is his usual...

By tonydutaille

A nice surpirse. Like a woody allen in a great way

By lydiasmile
And a glance you might think that John Turturro is crazy to cast himself as this gigolo in his first film.... I totally get it! He believed in his vision and Some how it truly works. His acting is...


By fanberry
What a monumental waste of time. My husband is furious that I dragged him to this piece of swill which made no sense, was incoherent and downright revolting. I am a big fan of J. Turtturo and...

Fading Gigilo

By jgeraci190
Turturro's tour de force. The trip through New York is touching and sweetly funny; the journey from loneliness to redemption is sublime. Fading Gigilo deserves the widest possible audience and every...


By olunia10
I'm so glad I watched this movie! What a great change to over advertised Godzilla this weekend, yikes! The movie is set in Brooklyn and Soho, typical Woody Allen humor, beautiful scenery, touchy...


By helevin
The concept of the film is very close to old Woody Allen fantasies from his own short stories: beautiful women lusting after men. It a sense Turturro functions as a proxy for Allen's own desires. ...

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Rated R | For for some sexual content, language and brief nudity