Brad Pitt

By hcfan
Written February 28, 2007
Guy Pearce's portrayal of Andy Warhol was absolutely horrendous. One cannot visualize the pain and suffering of his character (though there was not much) if he wears his hair like that. Now, the other male lead, Hayden Sterling Christensen, ripped my heart out and made me FEEL the passion, the nudity, the pain, and the overall character of Bob Dylan. HE was the reason the film was so ravishing. Brad Pitt did a wonderful job. He was there, really, you can see him in the background during that sex scene...he's in the design of the quilt. Anyways, Sienna Miller is a **** and totally did sleep with Hayden. I would know, I'm her cousin...
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Factory Girl

By harrykatz
Written February 27, 2007
Sienna Miller gives a bravura performance as Edie Sedgewick and Guy Pearce is a natural to play Andy Warhol. Edie's life is traced as she leaves a Cambridge art school to arriving in New York and quickly integrating herself into the avant garde art society to quickly falling prey to an underground life which completely overwhelms and consumes her. Although one cannot escape the depressing tone of the film, its direction and movement kept me glued to my seat and infinitely interested as to what would happen next. I highly recommend this.
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Do we really care ?

By cris
Written February 09, 2007
Too bad! I went to see that movie with high expectations, but I got out really disappointed. The story , at least the way it is told, it is absolutely not interesting: another rich spoiled girl desperately looking to be famous and love. It could have been nice to esplore a lilltle more the relation between the famous artist (Warhol and his muse Segdwich) but the movie does not do that , or maybe there is nothing to explore. If that is the case, why a movie? Siena Miller is good, but it does not take a lot of talent to play somebody constantly under the influence of drugs. Guy Pearce looks like a puppet, not to mention the cartoonist performance of Hayden Christensen. Boring at times, Factory girl, it is not worth your $11 or 2 hrs. of your time. If you cannot resist, wait at least till it makes it to your video store.
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Factory Girl a must see

By ahdior888
Written February 11, 2007
this is one of the best movies I have seen in years go and watch it!!
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Great acting and insight

By bob1nyc
Written February 18, 2007
Thought the acting was fantastic and insight into the world of Warhol was compelling but depressing
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