Enticing and Erotic Thriller

By 350Z_Guy
Written April 11, 2008
Eyes Wide Shut is an amazing, erotic thriller. Tom Cruise is drawn into a world that he does not understand - - it is a world of esoteric pagan rituals. Many viewers do not know that the rituals depicted actually existed in European cultures, but were not designed to be "evil". However, in this movie they are performed by the elite, upper class gentry, and form the backdrop for a thrill ride that will keep everyone guessing at the ending.
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Kubrick Fan

By indewrtr88
Written April 06, 2008
I am a hardcore Kubrick fan so I like anything he does. But I dont think many people see the irony in this movie. This movie is about two people who are struggling, like we all do, in their relationship and marriage, and what they are tempted with. Although this movie is sexy, it is not primarily about sex. And neither of them ever cheat on each other. This movie is definitely worth seeing. When watching it forget all the previews you saw and all the reviews you read. Keep a open mind. Do not watch it just to see Nicole or Tom get naked. Watch it for the artistry and the plot that is there but most ignore and you will enjoy it! And you wil realize how smart and clever this film really is.
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Eyes Wide Shut and Should Have Skipped It!!!

By mashby2005
Written May 26, 2008
I saw this film when it first came out, thinking a film with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman should be interesting and worth veiwing. They movie was too strange for my taste, and even the few nude scenes with Nicole Kidman do not warrant a second veiwing anytime in the foreseeable future. For those of you who saw this film, I grew to hate that annoying solo piano that came along just before the movie would get stranger than before. I think Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are fine actors in their own rights, and I normally like their films, but Eyes Wide Shut is not one of them. If you think you want to spend over three hours watching this film, I think you could find a lot more excitement watching the moss grow on a rock. Eyes Wide SHut is the second worse film I have seen in my life, with a so-called comedy from the late '70's-early '80's, called Night Patrol. Wish I could travel back in time to get the time spent watching these two movies back.
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my eyes wide shut review

By lord-o-movies
Written August 26, 2008
a very very intresting movie im suprised that this was not nc-17 there was a little bit too much nudity but the movie is not all about sex it is about obsession and desire this movie is very errie ecspecialy the scens with the members and their mask stanely kubrik did an amazing job as he always did and i wish he could make more ground breaking films like this one tom and nicole were great in thid movie so was syndny pollack you may not like this movie because of its content but this movie is about OBSESSION as stanely kubricks last film i belive that his name will forever last in classic cinema and may his soul rest in peace
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By ronchaney
Written February 23, 2013
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