Dolphins are amazing!!!

By TiffleR
Written August 23, 2007
The relationship between Carly and her father in this movie is utterly heart filling. The on screen magic in this film is a must see. It's unbelievable how well the dolphins react to the cameras and stars. Going to see this film is probably the best think you will ever do in your life! Don't miss out on this! YAY Eye of the Dolphin.
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Special and Heartwarming!

By doddie
Written August 28, 2007
We need more movies like this -- filmed in beautiful Bahamas, a touching story, and all around very enjoyable. For the whole family. Lessons to be learned. A movie meant for enjoyment and to say small and large messages. I can't wait for the DVD! Thanks for making this movie!
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Eye of the Dolphin

By lovedolphins
Written August 27, 2007
The storyline is definitely geared towards 13-14 year olds & up. It's not a comedy, so the movie's a little slow moving. Dolphins are always cute, and the water is beautiful. Girl is into smoking and drinking in the beginning of the movie, (because of her circumstances) but cleans her act up by the end. Nice to see how her relationship evolves w/her father. Think you could wait to 'rent' this one.
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Beautiful indie gem

By 123okaygo
Written December 27, 2007
I saw this movie in theaters a few months back, I thought it was beautfiully shot, and was overall a pleasing film. Anyway, It's coming out on DVD January 8th 2008. If you didn't get to see it in theaters, go check it out.
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Eye of the Dolphin

By Grateful_dancin_bears
Written August 18, 2007
I got to see this film a little early, and I'm happy I did. It's a great story about a 14 year old girl (Carly Schroeder) who is lacking any sort of direction and finds herself in a good amount of trouble. After being sent to the Bahamas to live with her estranged father, she finds a place and purpose for herself on the island. I highly recommend this film for families with young teens. It's a positive tale of growth and spirituality, and the even younger kids will love watching the scenery.
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