Extraordinary film

By rangermaj72
Written December 01, 2015
Saw this film at one of the NYC theaters exhibiting the feature . Recalling what happened here on 9/11 is still as vivid as that which is acurately portrayed in this exceptional picture. Not only is the movie the first to succeed out of many centering on 9/11, ELIC an an excellent movie with a totally justified long running time. It is quirky, indirect yet highly specific and starts like a hurtling subway train, never slows, and kept one well-schooled in story arcs somewhat guessing even to the end. This a most unusual and worthy movie about a painful topic. The critics, some of whom have found fault with it are, in my opinion, very much off the mark and may have missed the point. See it if you care about the human condition, how we react to extreme trauma, and get a first glimpse at 9/11 in its true historical context in the bargain. Acting, directing, shooting and most of all writing, are first rate. So compelling was this film that special security was employed in NYC at screenings
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terrific movie

By cleva
Written January 10, 2012
yes, it was extremely emotional throughout the ENTIRE movie. i laughed several times, cried more often that i wanted to, but i left in awe of how well written and remarkable the moments were. i recently lost my father, so i will say, i do NOT recommend this movie if you have lost a loved one recently or have strong emotional ties with 911....it will be very hard to cope with parts of the movie. but overall, i have no negative criticisms.
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The Unstoppable Spirit of Human Love

By thomasdosborneii
Written January 07, 2012
I can't say enough good things about this masterwork of a movie. I saw it on Christmas Day, and it was so good I had to go see it again the next day, and after that, I didn't want to see any more movies for a while, because I didn't want to confuse, dilute, or mix up my deep, loving emotions. The movie was totally a love story--love to parents, to children, to New York and New Yorkers, to heroes, to Americans, and to the human spirit. I can't think of this movie without feeling this deep love. Thomas Horn was outstandingly good (an OSCAR for OSKAR!) and had an amazing ability to move between being a beautific angel to someone nearly needing an exorcism. But everybody was good and successfully generated intense emotions even with small amounts of screen time. I thought Sandra Bullock did an especially good job with the difficult task assigned to her--to show fear, grief, isolation, a mother's love, and supportive enabling wisdom, all at the same time, which she did successfully.
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Powerful movie about father/son and 9/11

By Slinkyies
Written December 31, 2011
I went in to this movie with pretty low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. The little kid and the grandfather make the movie. Folks who enjoy deep, emotional movies will really enjoy this.
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By smlaz
Written January 13, 2012
Movie is not one that will have you doing cartwheels. Realistic, brings back many bad thoughts of the "worst day". Film may seem long at points but it is a complete story. I can see why it is critically acclaimed. God Bless America.
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