EXTRACT - essence of comedy! Rating: 87 out of 100. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written September 01, 2009
Mon. 8/31/2009 - EXTRACT is a 1.5hr comedy starring Jason Bateman. This hilarious movie was written and directed by Mike Judge. I had low expectation going into the advance press preview - but this well-conceived and competently executed comedy caught everyone in the audience by surprise - we were laughing so hard the entire time - and the movie received an ovation in the end. EXTRACT worked - because it is genuinely funny. Jason Bateman's expressions were priceless - he was in rare form - resulting in sheer pure unadulterated entertainment. Gene Simmons(KISS) and Ben Affleck were out-of-control funny! It would be hard-pressed to find another funnier comedy out there now that can be compared to EXTRACT with its multi-layered surprise after another in terms of comedic elements and fun. VERDICT: Distilled - this movie rocks! Definitely recommended. R-rated but not trashy. A good choice for a date movie. Go SEE it! Actual GRADE: B-PLUS
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Thoughtful and understated

By DMcHattie
Written September 06, 2009
This is not slapstick - this is a Mike Judge movie. It is not a 'comedy' , like The Hangover, that should be evaluated purely on the number and quality of laughs. While hilarious at times, the value of a Mike Judge movie lies in the depth of its characters and the relevance of its social commentary. You come out of a Mike Judge movie and you think it's just so-so but you think about it for days and are surprised by how much you're reminded of it as you go about your life. You're also surprised by how insightful its many understated truths really are. Mike Judge movies aren't gut-busters. They are sneaky mind-busters. This one is no exception. And it's a refreshing break from big studio, cookie-cutter comedies that, while funny, offer no cultural criticism and no stimulation for the mind.
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The (so-so) and Don't go people don't get it

By intlfilmclub
Written September 18, 2009
This is one of those usual smart funny comedies, that is steps above the usual slap stick dumb brain-less comedies therefore, I wasn't surprised that a lot of people said that the movie was bad. If you liked Thank you for smoking, Death at a funeral and Juno, you will like Extract, This is pretty much the type of audience that will appreciate this movie. The sense of humor is clever, smart but mellow.
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Thank you Fandango for sending us to the premiere!

By peachyevey
Written August 25, 2009
I think this is Mike Judge's most put together work so far. The storyline and characters were well developed and the performances from the actors were really solid. No actor was a weak link. Granted it's not as funny as Office Space, but this one feels like a movie with a real plot. And I still laughed an awful lot. It's not really the movie you would expect based on the trailer. Extract was also much cleaner than Mike Judge's other work. There were still a couple of scenes involving drug use, some language, and a lot of focus on sex. But overall, I didn't think the film was as crude as Mike's past work. It would have been nice to get a bit more development for Mila Kunis' character. It feels like we are really lacking a backgroud for her. To tell the truth, that's really the only complaint about the film. Overall, Mike Judge's best movie so far. Not his funniest, but his best. I really think this movie deserves a chance. So, if you like comedies, go see it. You will not regret it.
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some funny parts

By heika27
Written September 05, 2009
some funny parts in the movie but it wasn't funny enough for me to tell people they have to see it. very dry sense of humor throughout. should have been a DVD rental.
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