Exposed Synopsis
A police detective investigates the truth behind his partner’s death. The mysterious case reveals disturbing police corruption and a dangerous secret involving an unlikely young woman.
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Very odd

By robandchrism
Apparently Keanu Reeves owed somebody a huge favor or his mother had an unexpected hospital visit. Keanu is barely in the movie. The movie was odd from beginning to end but it made sense at the...

Release the Director's Cut!

By sreznikov
Petition lionsgate to release the director’s cut which is a significantly better and complete film.


By amiras001
Watching paint dry is more entertaining than this movie....


By djsmirnova
Really bad movie...


By michaelthuroff
Ouch! This is a poorly planned, directed and acted film. There is nothing worth watching past the first subway scenes. PASS....


By Lalexis716
I can't see why this movie has over one star. This movie made no sense and it barely tide together. Some things was not even necessary to put in. The previews did way to much justice for this crap....

Exposed to a horrible movie

By Lnnaps
You would have a far better time catching the money on fire you'd spend on this movie and watching it burn. One thing is for sure, it'd be far less painful than having to sit through this movie. I...

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Rated R | For Violence including a sexual assault, and for language