By nicolenelch
Written March 08, 2009
Thank God I loved the film. It was sort of inevitable I would considering all the factors involved. But how amazing to see it with a theater full of people who also loved it, laughed and cried with it. It's really an accomplishment to make a film with a message that is so full of hope and light while addressing SERIOUS matters i.e. healthcare, addiction...A true victory, from the heart, which means it actually can be done! And for a director to make a film with kids playing major roles is always a challenge, nevermind a first time director. Whoa. Solid performances (PAUL DANO!), heartfelt story, well shot and Jay Rabinowitz on the cut. And on top of all this I just caught the SoHo Apple Store Q&A with Mark and can say without question this is sincere filmmaking and I look forward to seeing more personal stories on the silver screen. Go see this while you can in the theater, at Angelika all week. [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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Inspire the masses

By Movie expert 3000
Written March 08, 2009
The best film dealing with social issues in the past decade. This poetic tale of love, addiction, poverty and activism is a must see for everyone, no matter your political beliefs. It has a strong liberal stance, but in actuality it's talking about issues that everyone is confronted with at some point in their lives. Guaranteed to inspire, but don't take my word for it. Go see it for yourself while you still can!
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explicit ills

By mblancaa
Written March 11, 2009
Excellent film based on real life issues. Brings to light what is wrong with our country with trying to surive with out health care. The director did a great job getting the message across with using new actors dealing with girls, drugs, poverty and family issues. Must go see and feel what the director is trying to bring to light on poverty and its effects on real people. It was fun to sit in the thearter and laugh and cry with a sold out audience. The boy who played Demitri did and excellent job whould like to see more of his talents. Make sure you get a chance to see the movie while it is being shown at Angelicka movie center. Great job to the cast and crew.
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explicit ills

By czuccaro
Written March 09, 2009
Excellent film about poverty in America. A very raw look at how difficult it it is in this country for the poor to obtain basic human rights. This film will move you and inspire you to say "what can I do to help". ****
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