Great movie that helps open debate about Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

By moviefn
Written April 11, 2008
Without being pretentious, Ben Stein interviews top proponents for Evolutionary theory and top ranking scientists who propose Intelligent Design. He exposes how one idea is suppressed in the media and culture which stunts scientific development of ideas and debate is censored. It is a moving argument that he lays out for the audience. It is irreverent at times, quirky but in the end Stein gives ample opportunity for both sides to make their point. The movie isn't a boring, long winded do***entary and is fun to debate with friends afterwards. I highly recommend this movie
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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

By gottruth?
Written April 17, 2008
I got a "sneak peek" to see the movie early - and WOW - it exceeded my expectations! I believe it's best suited for anyone over age 10 -- and adults who are history buffs will love it. Anyone who loves this country and values our personal freedoms should see it!
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FINALLY!!! Must See!! Read below-

By Movie Expert8
Written April 02, 2008
It's sad- tolerance is now defined as "if you are saying something/doing something that I don't agree with - I must "tolerate" you". It does not work if you are conservative, character filled and OM "believe in God"- then you are treated awful, direspectfully and no tolerance is given for your beliefs. Talk about reverse discrimination!!! I will be nice to hear the "other side" for once- I bet Hollywood is shaking, knowing that there are those of us who do believe in creation and God and are not crass, rude and threatening others futures. This is the United States of America where all are allowed to believe in and worship in freedom. Wake up people the small few are trying to bully us into silence, ruin us and soon we will be a communist country at this pace. Fight for your freedoms to express- even if they are against the "populous"!!!
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Looks like Ben is proving his point

By RTGsc
Written April 11, 2016
I cant believe how STUPID you Evolutionists really are! I mean come on....the most efficient method of reproduction is asexualism. So when did a cell say, "well, i guess it's time for me to take a BIG jump here and become two sexes..but if it doesnt work POOF!" Just like all the morons who buy that man is causing global warming...if so, why is the ambient temperature of Mars rising at the same pace...OH I guess it is all the SUVS and power plants up there...I can tell you one thing that is a truth...RIGHT NOW...EVEN DARWIN REFUTES EVOLUTION!!!!!!
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The giraffe's neck

By paulmarotta
Written April 11, 2016
One small example of evolution's failings is the giraffe's neck. Supposedly, it evolved to help the giraffe reach the leaves at the tops of trees. What is left unexplained is (i) why an elongated neck was not selected in by other species of quadruped, and (ii) why there is no fossil evidence of intermediate length necks in giraffe's. Evolution would lead to integration of species, not biodiversity. The same useful things would be selected in or selected out by all species. Evolution is true but species shifts are completely unproven. Evolution is just a handy way for people who know they are sinful and fall short of God's glory to feel OK about themselves. I'm looking forward to this movie.
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