EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed Synopsis
Scientists and educators are persecuted because they go against the theory of evolution.
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
It puts a conservative twist on Michael Moore-ism, with campy stock footage, deadpan humor, mocking musical cues and less-than-ingenuous...
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By Justin Chang
While roving interviewer Ben Stein extracts some choice soundbites from scientists on both sides of the creation-vs.-evolution debate, the...
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TV Guide

By Ken Fox
It's hard to pinpoint what's most insulting about this obvious propaganda piece.
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
While he gets points for addressing the debate, the way in which Stein goes about it undermines his efforts to be even-handed and...
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Los Angeles Times

As a work of nonfiction filmmaking it is a sham and as agitprop it is too flimsy to strike any serious blows.
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Village Voice

Bizarre and hysterical.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
Managing to make the films of Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock look like dry, scholarly treatises by comparison, Expelled: No Intelligence...
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Entertainment Weekly

Regardless of your personal views, Expelled's heavy-handed bias (a visit to Darwin's home gets the same eerie music as a tour of Dachau) is...
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
Stein's schlumpy presence is disarming, though his know-it-all nature is at odds with his free-speech posing.
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Austin Chronicle

By Marc Savlov
Make Ben Stein some more money (and get a good, mordant chuckle while you're at it) by checking out this loopy, factually befuddled...
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Great movie that helps open debate about Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

By moviefn
Without being pretentious, Ben Stein interviews top proponents for Evolutionary theory and top ranking scientists who propose Intelligent Design. He exposes how one idea is suppressed in the media...

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

By gottruth?
I got a "sneak peek" to see the movie early - and WOW - it exceeded my expectations! I believe it's best suited for anyone over age 10 -- and adults who are history buffs will love it. ...

FINALLY!!! Must See!! Read below-

By Movie Expert8
It's sad- tolerance is now defined as "if you are saying something/doing something that I don't agree with - I must "tolerate" you". It does not work if you are conservative, character filled and OM...

Looks like Ben is proving his point

By RTGsc
I cant believe how STUPID you Evolutionists really are! I mean come on....the most efficient method of reproduction is asexualism. So when did a cell say, "well, i guess it's time for me to take a...

The giraffe's neck

By paulmarotta
One small example of evolution's failings is the giraffe's neck. Supposedly, it evolved to help the giraffe reach the leaves at the tops of trees. What is left unexplained is (i) why an elongated...

An Excellent Point

By LuvDMovies
I've been looking forward to this movie. Not to promote creationism, but to challenge evolution. So many take evolution as fact, when it is just a theory. It's a shame if people are be...


By hPenn
Someone speaking against pure stupidity. The only reason Darwin came up with the idea was to find a way to do away with God. There never has been and never will be any evidence for evolution. If it...

See it in theaters! The Movie industry needs to see that people will pay for a movie like this.

By pmay1245
It takes just as much a leap of faith to believe in Evolution and/or the nonexistence of God as it does to believe in intelligent design (not necessarily creationism) and/or the existence of God. I...

This movie ROCKS!!!!!

By spartacus317
I have seen an early showing of this and it is really good. I know that a lot of people just think that it is a bunch of people trying to disprove evolution but the whole basis of this movie is that...

Classic Do***entary

By jschicagosouth
This was far better than I expected. Well crafted, entertaining, and serious. More profound than I expected. Don't criticiize ID or this film if you haven't seen this movie....

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Rated PG | For thematic material, some disturbing images and brief smoking
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Common Sense Media says Controversial look at evolution meant for family discussion.
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