The best documsntry I watched in awhile.

By fabiangunz
Written October 13, 2015
Found this gem on Netflix awhile back. Great doc. A must see. Win for Banksy who just until day was banned from the Oscars even though this film is nominated. I will own me some Banksy art.
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By Ojay2763
Written October 13, 2015
This was a great documentary. It was funny & actually very informative. I had no idea street art had such a deep culture & following. The art is beautiful & the documentary provides a great experience for underground street art.
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A nice surprise...

By alison_fruin
Written October 13, 2015
I went into Banksy's 'Exit through the Gift Shop' expecting a documentary on the infamous grafitti artist. It turned out to be a documentary on the art of grafitti itself, and how the counterculture became somewhat mainstream. It was a great film overall; it gave a good look into the behind the scenes of street art.
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Five Word Review

By MiamiDanny
Written May 04, 2010
art you can eat you
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By martingg
Written May 30, 2010
interesting story and concept.....but does it really take that long to pay homage to a scam and then celebrate it?
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