Exhibition OnScreen: Vincent Van Gogh Synopsis
A special showing of the Van Gogh Museum's collection, including recent discoveries.

Movie Reviews

Vincent Van Gogh A New Way of Seeing

By whimdesigns
I really enjoyed watching a movie that explores the reasons behind why Vincent painted the work he did and focusing on his art rather that the personal demons in his life....

Red headed wonder lives on

By sssanclare
Vincent is a painter one either loves or leaves. I am one of the "loves." His bold strokes and ability to capture the essence of the people and scenery, whether in an exciting pallet of color or in a...

Vincent Van Gogh

By old gold
I never knew much about this artist. What I read made him come off as a nutcase. The museum curators had an in-depth knowledge and were able to give him life. I must admit I don't care for many of...

Interesting look at Van Gogh

By mmmmissner274
I enjoyed learning more about Vincent Van Gogh. However, I thought that the film could have been a bit faster paced and I don't think that having the Van Gogh stand in actor with those weird...

Great Bio-Pic of the Artist

By Rocky from Jersey
Outstanding portrayal of the exceptional artist and tortured soul, provided principally by the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. Well written and acted, and actor De Courcey actually looks like Van Gogh. ...


By cuervokate
I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I enjoyed the integration of the actor's portrayal with the art. Including the painters that heavily influenced Vincent was very helpful in understanding who Vincent...

Van Gogh

By hlkeller4501
Nice, but too much concentration on the talking heads. They should have shown the experts just long enough that we got a sense of who they were, but then moved more quickly to showing paintings and...

Van Gogh, Matisse, Rembrandt, etc.

By lugara
We don't go to see films anymore; commercial films are lousy. The films from Fathom Events are brilliantly done; my girlfriend and I both want you to keep them going. Don't stop. Don't even slow down....

Vincent Van Gogh

By arborlady116
Wonderful presentation of his life, the places he lived, his personal conflicts and challenges as an artist. Staff from the Van Gogh Museum rounded out who he really was, dispelling some of the...

Cant wait to see the impressionist

By nikimgunther
For the art lover only, Gough is my favorite artist and I loved the exhibition. it was a lot like watching Nova on PBS. rich history and remembering my travels and how I cried when I first saw his...

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