By mandy17
Written October 10, 2015
The program was great. It is a wonderful way to see a museum exhibit.
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Manet! Illuminating

By georgealee
Written May 28, 2016
This was a splendid evening well spent gleaning such treasure from a big screen. How fortunate to learn of this remarkable man. How very fortunate to see an exhibit of rare and beautifully displayed art. Background stories of the mounting of the exhibit were wonderful. Sharing thoughts with various experts and a celebrity or two made it rewarding. I am hungry for more of the same, with other artists. ... MARTY - on the Upper West Side of NYC
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By HappyMaria
Written May 01, 2016
Fantastic, in-depth and beautifully presented movie about art. I felt as if I was physically present at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, and seeing the exhibition under the guidance of a knowledgeable docent. The close-ups presented exceptionally sharp images of the paintings. And I learned so much about Manet and the significance of his art for France and for the world. He wanted to contribute to our understanding of life in Paris during his lifetime there and he succeeded beautifully. My companion, who is French, was thrilled to have had the opportunity to see this important and magnificent exhibition. The movie, "Manet - Portraying Live", which was played on Thursday, April 11, 2013 all over the world is not only a treasure to art lovers but it is also a wonderful legacy to humanity. I am grateful to the creators and makers of this movie and look forward to the other two that will be shown in June and October. Maria California, USA
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By halgirl
Written July 31, 2016
This was a very nice showing of the exhibit. However, I would have liked to seen more of the portraits, and perhaps have had less of the discussions. It became a bit tiresome after a while and we were given small glimpses of many other wonderful paintings. The music was fabulous and also the views of Paris. I would love it if the Leonardo exhibit were encored at my theatre!
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Art lover's happy place

By IgnacioJ
Written August 23, 2016
My friends and I very much enjoyed this film and were very happy with it. Our theater, however, was a different matter, McArthur Center in Norfolk, VA. We arrived early and took our seats at 7:10 P.M., only to find that the film, which was scheduled to begin at 7:30 P.M. was already playing. I notified the manager who truly believed that what we were seeing was the preview material. As the theater filled, other viewers were similarly confused and reported to the manager as well. At 7:30, as the film continued its showing, a few irate viewers went out and spoke to the manager who came in and verified that the film was indeed showing. I'm happy to report a happy ending to this story of confusion. The theater "rewound" the film to the preview material at that point and apologized to the viewers in person. He recognized me as the first person to notify him of the problem and apologized to me personally. It's funny to use the term "rewind" in conjunction with digital media.
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