Manet: Yes you can go to the exhibit vicariously

By Steelblue9
Written October 07, 2015
Honestly didn't hold out much hope for liking this approach to viewing art, but was pleasantly surprised. What added so much was some of the comments and background to the artist that unless you're more than a casual observer you are unlikely to know. Unfortunately, the credits didn't carry the full music selections, as past the Chopin, there was some interesting music played under the pictures. It's worth a go!
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By sprobeck
Written October 05, 2015
I thought this presentation was great. I am thrilled about this new series. It was interesting and beautiful. Looking forward to the next!
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Art with out the travel

By clarencejohn
Written June 30, 2015
A wonderful way to see a London Art exhibit without traveling. the filming of the collection was crystal clear. the background with the curators for the exhibiut added to the reasons each painting was selected and interviews with artists added something to each painting reviewed. Good Job
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By vlwp4m
Written July 08, 2015
A great close up of his artwork with very educational and informative commentary.
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Interesting and well spent evening!

By operafanliveson
Written April 12, 2013
Really interesting and I hope to see more events like this one. great concept, nicely executed.
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