EXHIBITION: Manet: Portraying Life Synopsis
Don’t miss your chance to experience a global revolution of world class art, history and biography through the works of Manet in movie theatres only on Thursday, April 11th at 7:30 PM.

Movie Reviews

Manet Exhibition from Royal Academy, London.

By lindaslookout
Much of this film was interesting as Manet's portraits, the subject, were far more than plain portraits. I found the one, illustrated here, of the young woman and the little girl fascinating. The film...

An Excellent Start

By susanhp13
We enjoyed the movie although it left us with a bunch of unanswered questions. The color quality was excellent. The close-ups of the paintings were fascinating, even better than if we had been able...

Art matters - building audience attendance!

By marykkenney
Well done . . .Seventh Art Productions and Tim Marlow always deliver a comprehensive and illuminating program! These special one night events featuring art are a fabulous learning opportunity for...


By morrisonopera
It was outstanding - beautifully presented. The accompanying music only added to the beautiful presentation. The quiz at the beginning said he painted under 100 paintings, yet in the body of...


By mandy17
The program was great. It is a wonderful way to see a museum exhibit....


By FayeStar
I am excited about this series. It is a wonderful way to learn about an artist and attend an exhibition in a majestic museum in another country. I really learned a lot about Manet -- though I must...

Manet! Illuminating

By georgealee
This was a splendid evening well spent gleaning such treasure from a big screen. How fortunate to learn of this remarkable man. How very fortunate to see an exhibit of rare and beautifully...


By halgirl
This was a very nice showing of the exhibit. However, I would have liked to seen more of the portraits, and perhaps have had less of the discussions. It became a bit tiresome after a while and we...


By HappyMaria
Fantastic, in-depth and beautifully presented movie about art. I felt as if I was physically present at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, and seeing the exhibition under the guidance of a...

Art lover's happy place

By IgnacioJ
My friends and I very much enjoyed this film and were very happy with it. Our theater, however, was a different matter, McArthur Center in Norfolk, VA. We arrived early and took our seats at 7:10...

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