Steven Segal.......1 in a 100 million

By themedicalnetwork603
Written April 28, 2016
first and foremost it is an honor and privilege to give $3 and compliments too mr. Steven Segal one of the best tractors of all time. What are the most amazing man I have ever encountered in this email his movies are outstanding and you learn a lot from them for what he is accomplished and what he has achieved in his lifetime. he's one of the only people I know who is able to over throw the government Networks and has been able to conquer the most highest Gorillaz and government contracted pitbulls who are as high as they are in the government which is highly protected in Extreme Measures to its fullest extent. he is not afraid of anything and will not stop until he sees his task is done and his wish is granted.he's capable of anything that's the scary thing but also fun in a way but it's for the good and the benefit is he knows better in the movie Marked for Death he showed a perfect example of where the government was overthrowing with oil and they would not stop until he did something about it and he did a perfect example of showing how they overthrow the lives of nature and they didn't care about anything but he gave a perfect example about it and when he blew the oil well and the end of the movie everything that he said had a perfect example and it gave a perfect meaning of how they will go to the extreme and destroying the lives of nature of the earth and of everything that is portrayed to what it means were they will not stop destroying everything" that was made from beginning of man and until it's destroyed to the end of time" and he did not stop either until he wiped out the entire staff the entire management until he got to the individual he wanted to get to and then he blew the well and destroyed it. all of his movies have a Sentimental meaning they have a direct meaning and they have a legal precedent as well as in the end they State a victory.I have 4 friends that do not live in the United States anymore because of how it's ran its contradicting all the own country as well as how it's being ran to the extent where it's being ran into the ground over and over. the citizen commits a crime they are arrested tried and taken to trial for the crime they committed. if a politician commits a crime they are slapped on the hand given probation and let up to go to live their life like any other politician which is not normal craftsmanship which I think any other politician should have the same bias as anybody else and they let them live in their house free is anybody else. My opinion Steven Seagal should be president maybe would scare the hell out of the economy the government and any other country to see how he would run things maybe he would run them a little better he's got military experience he's a little more strict and firm and if anybody tried otherwise as strict as he is if people didn't like him he fired them right on the spot and bring it straight normal people that are not corrupted and would not allow any corruption it'll be hard to run the government than it is now. I think everybody who likes Steven Segal he probably get a lot more votes than anybody else does and he be elected so quick that if anybody disagreed with him he dropped them in a second break their back and put them in the hospital faster than they disagree with him. I admire you mr. Segal I think your ethics your morals and values have a lot more meaning than most of the government that's been running this country or this world in the last 25 to 30 years I think you have a lot more good ethics good values and I think you would also run the country a lot better than most politicians do from the way your movies were directed I think the way you stand for values and also political values as well. I think you have a good view point and I think you have a good head on your shoulders if you were in the service I believe and also I think you have a good mindset and I think the government would be afraid of you because they wouldn't be able to handle you one man against one Army they would be able to handle it keep up the good work let's see more movies
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