Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn Synopsis
Cabin visitors fight spirits of the dead. Directed by Sam Raimi.
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Not As Great As The Frist But Awesome

By TheEvilDead2389
Now This One Sadly Isn't As Entertaining As The First Because This One Work's More Like A Three Stronges Situational But It's Good It's More Like A Ride Than Horror Film But It's Great But I Think...

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By parsonskellyg
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Soooo cheezy

By isaiahfiedler
I'm not really a fan of old scary movies. But Jesus....this is so bad and HILARIOUS!!!! I'll give 5 stars for the good comedy but the "scariness" ummm no thanks! Sorry! But yeah!! -_-...

Disregard the bad review...-__-

By ciciahra
This movie is sooooo goooood!!! And, if you want funny, it has that comedic twist to it. And don't you dare forget to WATCH THE 2013 ONE!!!!!! It has no comedy! Just PURE TERROR!!!...

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By monkeyboyben380
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Evil Dead 2 : dead by dawn Grade A+

By thechristians
Raimi's Sequel to evil dead is once again brilliant and Bruce Campbell again stars in the sequel as ash is a bad ***ghost killer. Grade A+...


By glxy2

Evil Dead II - Reel Quick!

By wtlasley
After making his mark with the first Evil Dead picture, Raimi was now able to make a movie that was as outrageous as he wanted it to be. By stepping up the black humor, yet never sacrificing the...

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