A Psychopathic Fairy Tale

By icotzabb
Written September 02, 2014
For fans of the evil dead genre, this pseudoremake may offer something. For non-devotes the film comes off in two ways: A nightmarish gore soaked film that attempts to take itself way too seriously. The dialogue is cardboard, the sentiment is lost on most audience members, with little backstory or investment. AND that would be OK except for the fact that these elements are not presented in a comedic, winking fashion. But do we see this movie for dramatic ambiance? No....but some may leave with their intelligence insulted, the gore and practical effects appreciated but not totally justified. It is a FUN movie, but hard to invest in.
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Horror Classic puts the B back in reBoot---

By NickPerdue
Written April 07, 2013
The modern Evil Dead was pretty super. What it lacked in suspense, it made up for with classic horror "punch-lines" and raw, old school SFX use. Mild in it's actual scariness, the film has this really classic spooky quality that I miss in the genre--Yet, I could't help but feel like I wasn't being frightened QUITE as much as I expected to be. The trailers made it seem like I was going to be crapping demonic blood spray for a week afterward, as did the SBSW coverage... The classic Evil Dead was honored without seeming like a parody, and the surprisingly artistic vision of Fred Alvarez (his other movies are painfully meh) stands alone, even if you have never seen an Evil Dead flick. The score was oddly, my favorite part of the movie--Which sounded like a mixture of Beetlejuice-era Danny Elfman and something from The Machinist (which composer Baños actually wrote for) . The movie AND the score was dark, yet classically--sometimes comically--punchy. I give it a 78 100. See it!
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By Candee
Written September 15, 2014
If you are a TRUE fan of " EVIL DEAD" you should pass on this one....I was SOoooo disappointed. This version might have been good had I not seen and loved the original. I give this one an "F" for FAILURE!
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By tsnye
Written September 03, 2014
We had a great time. It was just about everything you could hope for if you are a fan of the trilogy. All the characters were great, the ending took me by surprise even though some one had given it away to me. I'll have to get the DVD becasue I covered my eyes a few times! But fun fun fun, scary, scary, scary!
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Creepy, scary and gory

By kiddfam
Written April 08, 2013
I was hoping it would be a little more funny but honestly..I really want to see NEW movies, not all these remakes on great classics. Parents, don't take your kids to this movie...it can be disturbing. I sat next to an 11 year old girl and I just don't think it's right to show rated r movies to someone who hasn't at least gone through puberty yet because there are a lot of raunchy inappropriateness goings on in this movie as well.
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