Fitting tribute to original

By Casa61blanca
Written April 06, 2013
Well done tribute to the original, with some interesting twists. And a much bigger budget! Scary, fun, gross....all the stuff that made Raimi's original so memorable...but far from being a shot-by-shot remake, this new movie adds a lot of interesting plot twists that change the focus--in a good way.
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By jfaustino
Written July 24, 2014
If you love horror movies like I do, you're going to love Evil Dead. I've been waiting for this movie to come out for 4 months.. I saw it last night and it was awesome. Crazy, gory and intense from beginning to end.. it will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie. Great acting, great effects and it actually has a story line to it. 5 stars from me!
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Loved It!

By evildead22
Written October 24, 2014
I really liked this movie. I have been waiting for this to be made for many years and I am not disappointed. I didn't jump once in the movie, but that was because I was so interested in seeing what they did and how they threw in little bits from the original. Simply put...if you liked the original, you will like this!
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Too much gore and too little plot

By dlnbk
Written April 22, 2013
There is virtually no set-up for the story line - the characters just appear in the woods at a cabin. The gore made me physically ill at least twice, and I'm *not* the type of person to have such a reaction to a movie. The acting was respectable, and the effects were convincing - as evidenced by the audience's reaction to the gore. Wait for it on Netflix.
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More gory than Original

By albert_cruz_7
Written April 08, 2013
This version is so gory, the original version is more like a PG version now. No jerky humor in this one. If you are an Evil Dead fan or even a true gore fan, you must see this one. A couple of references from original movie during the movie and after the credits.
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