Holds up respectfully to the original... with enough twists and ferocity to stand on its own!

By timfitz99
Written January 18, 2017
It's really a remake of the first 2 Evil Dead movies.. lots of nods to both. I'm looking forward to the sequel, which should be all new ground. Fans of the series... stay til the end of the credits!
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By mooveeman92
Written August 28, 2016
Evil Dead will scare the pants off of anyone who is afraid of demonic/possession films. I ( THANK THE LORD ) am not one of those people or I would be curling up with cubby, my teddy bear from my childhood right now. However...even if it doesn't scare you (which most is will terrify beyond belief and scar for many nights to come) this is a terrific horror film and probably one of the best I've ever seen. I'm not a big fan of the traditional terrible comic relief in horror films ...I think it took away from Evil Dead and didn't want you to take it too serious at times for whatever reason. I prefer a realistic horror film that when I leave and walk through my dark house I'm thinking WOW this could happen to me right now!! Evil Dead is the most graphic and demented film I've ever seen and that is what made me love it. And I won't spoil anything, but I was praying it would end the way it did....anyone else from what the book said hoped it would end with that??? MOVIE IS BAD ASS!
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Gory, scary sh##!!!

By price2055
Written August 28, 2016
Extremely gory, scary sh## ... pretty good movie. Gives you that agita feeling throughout. Can't believe 8 year olds were in our movie theatre (84th St. AMC). Accompanied by adults of course, but what's wrong with people?
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By jhs39
Written April 08, 2013
Disappointing Evil Dead remake ups the violence and gore quotient from the original classic and also has a significantly higher budget. But it completely lacks the sense of fun and mischief that made the original movie special and features characters so bland and unlikable that it's hard to have any rooting interest in whether any of them survive. Some of the gore is mildly entertaining since it's so extreme and over the top but this should have been much, much better. Despite what the poster says this Evil Dead is not the scariest movie you will ever see. I didn't even find it scary. At all. But gross is another matter. If you're squeamish you might find yourself covering your eyes a few times but you won't necessarily have all that much fun doing it.
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By swhalen13
Written May 27, 2017
I went to see this movie yesterday excited that Bruce Campbell was the producer and had something to do with this movie and it worked! I went by myself and it was AWESOME! Just like I said in the title I was blown away with the acting, storyline and special effects! I am adding this one to my collection when it comes out! I hope they keep going by remaking Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness! I love it!
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