Evil Dead Remake Different but Okay,,,, Meh....

By dw1215
Written April 21, 2013
The new version with its own variety of horror missed the mark where campy yet horrific fun could have been inserted. Raimi's original early work was cult worthy, obviously. This rewrite changes the premise of a group of college kids out for a weekend of fun led by our would be hero Bruce Campbell, to a group of slightly boring well meaning friends who wish to rehab our new heroin heroine Jane Levy.0ne of the friends a know it all nurse discounts every ounce of pending evil, including the smell of dozen dead cats to withdrawal symptoms...really??? The comparison of how Bruce ends up one armed with a chainsaw from EVIL entering his body, to how Jane ends up one armed, made no sense in the new version. Neither did the use of the cabin by another family sometime between their last visit there and the timing of the new trip there for rehab. It did leave nagging questions that made no comprehensive sense. I found the original funnier yet scarier..The new rewrite does the fim no justice...
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By Hleon15
Written April 05, 2013
Unfortunately, the definition of horror has become unnecessary gore, and that's all this movie was. I get scared easily, I really do, but this movie failed to do anything along those lines. All it is, and I really mean this, is gore, gore, gore. Body parts stupidly getting cut/ripped off, some typical exorcism possession stuff that we see over and over, and terrible acting is what this movie consisted of. The story line was awful, for it was once unique and I know this was a remake, but now there's just too many of those movies where 5 kids are stranded and get slayed off one by one. Please, PLEASE do yourself a favor and save your money, while not supporting this terrible movie and the unoriginal people who made it come to be. Oh how I long for some clever, true horror scare movie, and not these stupid blood fests.
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Gore Fest

By wendystell3
Written April 08, 2013
My daughter and I saw evil dead and it was pretty good ... Lots of limb loss and blood. Liked the zombie meets possession theme. It was fun. If you go, just realize David is an idiot but they had to keep it going so more could die. Haha
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Made me Smile

By saintmike31
Written July 25, 2014
Loved the film, they paid their homage to the first ones and they made it their own. AND IT DIDNT NEED 3-D & glad it didn't come out in it!! Cant wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray,
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"Evil Dead" Owned So Hard.

By jramirez430
Written August 21, 2014
First off... The chainsaw face rape sequence..... THAT ALONE is worth the price of admission. Such a brutal and awesome death kill! Evil Dead is one of those few horror remakes that are actually good and definitely worth watching. For a horror film being re-cut twice to get that R rating to avoid NC-17 because of graphic violence and not sex, is what got me super happy to see this. There were some moments where the acting was bad but that was because of some bad dialogue. Thankfully it's only moments and it was during non-violent scenes. The deaths and brutal torture looked FANTASTIC due to hardly any CGI being used. They made this old school; It was all mechanical and prosthetic effects which is why it looked so real and ridiculous. There are countless moments on how awesome the violence looked and it only got better as the film progressed. ALSO!!!! Stay after the credits, true evil dead fans will get a "groovy" treat!
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