A Psychopathic Fairy Tale

By icotzabb
Written May 01, 2016
For fans of the evil dead genre, this pseudoremake may offer something. For non-devotes the film comes off in two ways: A nightmarish gore soaked film that attempts to take itself way too seriously. The dialogue is cardboard, the sentiment is lost on most audience members, with little backstory or investment. AND that would be OK except for the fact that these elements are not presented in a comedic, winking fashion. But do we see this movie for dramatic ambiance? No....but some may leave with their intelligence insulted, the gore and practical effects appreciated but not totally justified. It is a FUN movie, but hard to invest in.
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A Must See For Horror Fans!!!

By Peterjhoyt
Written July 03, 2015
Yes, it's overly bloody and gory, but that's what horror fans like. It makes you jump plenty of times and while it is a remake of the cult classic, it's far better than every other horror film that has come out in the past few years that claims to be original. Go check it out. Definitely worth seeing in the theaters. In the middle of the day. So it's sunny when you get out.
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By padronehorror
Written April 06, 2013
Im a huge fan of the classic, and what was done here I feel made the story that much more compelling. Extremely enjoyable, and should bring joy to those that are fans of the originals. The new director that made this his debut did a killer job!, I look forward to see what else comes next. So glad this was done, bring a friend.
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Loved It!

By evildead22
Written December 18, 2014
I really liked this movie. I have been waiting for this to be made for many years and I am not disappointed. I didn't jump once in the movie, but that was because I was so interested in seeing what they did and how they threw in little bits from the original. Simply put...if you liked the original, you will like this!
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By ryusou
Written December 01, 2015
Yep Epic it is! I really enjoyed this flick! The lead female was perfect for the role and she did exceptional well in portraying someone who is possessed. She was all over evil!! Im sure the following for the original movie wont be disappointed with this version. Blood and blood everywhere!
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