The Evil Dead will live on and on and on and on...

By FerF1
Written February 04, 2012
This movie was a game changer!!!!
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An Awesome Picture

By TheEvilDead2389
Written July 30, 2008
I Watched This Wonderful Piece Of Ark From Legendary Director Sam Rami Director Of Such Classic's As Spider-Man & Army Of Darkness If You Enjoy Watching A Fllm The That Make's You Sick To You're Tommy I Was Absolutely Sicken But Other Wise A Great Film A Really Direct Film That Spooned Two Sequel's Which Were Awesome And A Upcoming Remake Bruce Campbell Always Good In His Role's Elvis Bubba-Ho-Tep Eleen The Sexiest One Out Of The Ladies Of The Evil Dead All Of The Actors Were Great In There Role's This Is Magur Picker Upper The Plot Senter's Around These Five Wonderful Kid's But One For Some Reason Start A Panasonic Tape Recorder And Read A Creepy Book That Was Written In Blood Man Oh Man This Movie Ruled But There's A Few Minor Problem's Just Kidding But It's A Perfect Movie Fore The Fan's Of Horror/Comedy/Action/Thriller It's Really Is Entertaining And It's An Awesome Movie You Should Buy It But It's Really Great And It's Just What We Want I Loved And I Think You Will Too Beacuse You
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By ciciahra
Written April 09, 2013
I kicks buuuuuuuuutt!!!! Watch it!!! You know you want to, you know you want to. And, watch the new one of these too, it kicks just as much butt, seriously, did I just say "butt" twice...-__-. *vv*
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The Evil Dead

By ethansafai
Written March 12, 2013
Great movie. Even though made in 1981 it still will make you jump out of your seat.
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A Must

By Corps56
Written March 20, 2013
It's Bruce Campbell need I say more
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