• Released
  • May 13, 2011
  • (Limited 5/13)
  • R , 1 hr 36 min
  • Comedy Drama
    Addiction Drama

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By jackxrobbins
Written February 22, 2017
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By hockett55
Written October 01, 2016
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Everything Must Go review

By earthdragon
Written June 30, 2011
A serious, emotional movie with some good chuckles. Ferrel was impressively real.
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nice change of pace

By flipperev
Written May 13, 2011
i was disappointed when i heard will had taken this role on...thinking he was another comedic actor trying to prove his dramtic range. i was wrong....he totally delivered. the director did a great job pulling amazing performances from will , christoper wallce jr and rebecca hall. it's a quiet film amongst a sea of big studio trash. well worth two hours of your time. i look forward to seeing what dan rush does next.
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"Everything must go"

By sly_sly
Written May 18, 2011
This movie wasn't my first choice to see and then when I was told that Will Ferrel was the star I wasn't too sure about spending money on a silly movie. But it was the last one for the night so I took a chance. I was joined by a couple of "talkers" and thought that would be the quality of the movie I would be watching. The two guys talked throughout but you know I didn't mind as this movie surprised me. It had heart and Mr. Ferrell did a superb job as did the rest of the cast. Good watch that I want my wife to watch...
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