Every Little Step Synopsis
Filmmakers explore the development and legacy of the original ''A Chorus Line'' as dancers struggle through auditions for the show's Broadway revival.
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What We Do For Love

By moviemonster
This was a nice trip back into Broadway musical history, with a nice twist, in that the casting for the revival of A Chorus Line, is the backdrop of the story about the late choreographer/director,...

Don't Miss it!

By martingg
While we expected a good film, we were blown away by just how good this one was.....the story we know...the music we know...yet the production was so clever, dramatic, and entertaining....there...

a MUST SEE for any musical theatre person

By dancinkarl
This is a master class in auditioning. you also get to see and hear never before seen/heard footage of the original tapes and original cast of A Chorus Line. It was awesome. i will definitely see it...

Every Little Step

By Texasnrhmom
Excellent. Very interesting documentary format but also entertaining. Would recommend to anyone who loves theater and Broadway in particular....

Incredible Documentary of a Theatre Classic!

By cchenactor
Don't let the "musical theatre" theme of this documentary fool you: This film has hard-core professional athlete-style COMPETITION and drama in it! From favorites to upsets, this film gives you...


By aymesq
This film is spellbinding from start to finish, and is a must see of any fan of dance or Broadway musicals. One gains significant appreciation of the genius of Michael Bennett and Marvin Hamlish, as...

Every Little Step

By adrienne47meyer@gmail.com
Fabulous for anyone who loves theatre--whether they perform or not. Historically and emotionally powerful....

I can't wait to see it again! It is worth seeing.

By kosmacec
I heard others in the audience say “Wonderful” and “Fabulous” to their movie-goer companions as we exited the theatre. I believe this positive documentary captures what other “reality shows” only...


By happyjuanpa
One of the best documentary I've seen in my life. I have seen of course, many great and better topics in other documentaries but the structure and direction of this one is excellent. It never misses...

Every Little Step is outstanding.

By hoffinger
Anyone who enjoys musical theater should see this documentary. It's terrific....

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Rated PG-13 | For some strong language sexual references