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Everest (2015) Synopsis
Inspired by the incredible events surrounding a treacherous attempt to reach the summit of the world's highest mountain, "Everest" documents the awe-inspiring journey of two different expeditions challenged beyond their limits.
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Movie Reviews

Hard to Watch

By relentess
I was really looking forward to watching this movie. I read the original "Outside Magazine" article, and "Into thin Air", I also watched the Everest IMAX Documentary and read plenty of articles about...

Great IMAX Experience!

By elliemcneil
Had a chance to snag an early screening of Everest at the Burbank IMAX and what a ride it was. I highly recommend experiencing this movie on the big screen. The overhead, wide shots of the mountain...

Cold. Not in a good way.

By dariusvincenthughes
Stellar visuals, some great performances (Kiera Knightley being the standout), and a good score. Other than that, I was thoroughly disappointed. The film doesn't know who it wants to focus on. It...

Loved it but..

By Aang
First off I never read the book or article. With that said I knew what happened in them so I knew the out come. I would highly recommend seeing the movie and if you can see it in IMAX unless you are...

Movie was horrible

We went to watch this thinking that it would be thrilling, we were let down. 3/4 of the movie is at the base camp and the rest is on the way up. Not entertaining at all. We walked out right at the...


By jwlannan
I was highly anticipating going to this movie and brought a date with me to a 6:30 PM showing. The first thing I noticed was how empty the room was. I thought maybe it was because all the people...

Unbelievably Phenomenal!

By Oceangirlsrule
This movie was incredible, spectacular, awesome, super, etc! I absolutely loved this movie!!! It was so inspirational and it made me want to climb Everest myself. The movie made me feel as if I were...

By bravedave12345
Thought it was great, very true to the book....


By Dwanthony1
Really enjoyed the movie. Took my 9 year old daughter and 11 year old son and they both enjoyed it. My 9 year old girl left with many questions that we had to research on the internet. It became a...

It will sweep you like an Avalanche!!!!

By filmibro
Exceptional Screenplay, Cinematography , Editing, Background score and above all stunning acting. a TSUNAMI of emotions will overtake you. Has to be watched in Imax 3d ONLY. enjoy...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense Peril and Disturbing Images
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Common Sense Media says Compelling tale of real-life expedition is intense, moving.
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